DC Comics reviews 8/11/20 – Dark Knights Death Metal #3, Wonder Woman #760

The Green Lantern Season Two #6

Grant Morrison reins in some of his wilder impulses making this one of the more comprehensible issues of Green Lantern’s second season in months.

Hal Jordan is injured and taken to a space hospital that’s being targeted by the Anti-Matter Hal Jordan. While Sinestro is traditionally Hal’s evil mirror counterpart, Morrison favors this Bizarro-lite version who speaks in reverse a la Zatanna when she’s summoning a spell. For Zatanna that’s infrequently done enough that it’s not annoying. Imagine if she spoke like that for an entire issue and you’ll see why a little Anti-Matter Hal goes a loooong way.

Morrison fills the hospital with some interesting characters including a potentially cowardly lion sharing a room with Hal. This actually has a very satisfying payoff. Other hospital patrons, including some Green Lanterns aren’t so lucky. Morrison tends to bring in some characters in this title just to kill them off and they’re not accessible enough to get invested into anyway.

Liam Sharp also seems refocused on his art this week. He’s not trying out any experimental techniques and sticks to his traditional style. And with his detailed, intense style Sharp doesn’t really need to try new things anyway.

Steve Oliff’s colors remained consistent during the rough patches and there’s no departure from that here either.

As much as I’ve griped out the path of the last several issues, I appreciated Morrison and Sharp’s willingness to try something different. It didn’t work, but aiming big doesn’t always result in a success and with a title like Green Lantern there’s plenty of room for exploring and experimenting.

This nudge back to a more traditional story was what this title needed at the halfway point and hopefully a positive sign for subsequent issues.

Rating: 8 out of 10