Agents of SHIELD: What We’re Fighting For review S7 E13

On its own, What We’re Fighting For wasn’t Agents of SHIELD’s best episode, but it was a finale worthy of a good comic book show that became one of the best of its genre.

Fitz provides an extended flashback recap detailing his plan with Jemma and Enoch. They can return to their original timeline, but Kora is the key to everyone surviving.

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I love the shout out to the Quantum Realm. For maybe legit reasons, Kevin Feige never wanted to have a real collaboration with Jeph Loeb, but in this one instance it reflected worse on Marvel’s movie wing than its TV branch.

Fitz has a means of returning to the old timeline and taking The Chronicoms with them, but somebody has to stay behind. Sousa offers since he’s a man out of time anyway, but Deke rightfully blows that off.

Besides he is pretty much an icon in the 80s anyway. Weird thought, I could kinda see Deke becoming the David Hasselhoff era Nick Fury leader of SHIELD…

The full backstory of Fitz and Jemma’s time away was a great payoff to the season long mystery and it even incorporated missing players like Flint and Piper. I’m glad Fitz and Jemma did take some time for themselves. Sometimes like Cap you just have to experience something beautiful for yourself.

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I loved the tie-in to the end of Season 6, but I’m always a sucker for events playing out and then later learning their significance or even that the background players were important.

There was still the matter of dealing with our villains. Mack, Coulson, May and Daisy got onboard The Chronicom ship to rescue Kora.

Coulson’s confrontation with Sibyl played out well with the big comeback from The Calvary.


Initially, I wasn’t sold on this new emotional May, but it actually made for a great full circle arc for her as she’d shut off her emotions for so long after the incident where she got her nickname. Now it helped shut down The Chronicom threat for good and with a nice nod to Enoch as well.

It’s too bad Nathaniel was such a sniveling, non-imposing bad guy as he was set up in a prime role to be a really memorable player. Instead, he never managed to come off like a threat. At least he had a decent death.

With Daisy dying off in space my immediate thought was where’s Star Lord? Oh right, Kora can heal her.

Now for the big secret and huge mystery as Jemma remembers why they had Flint and Piper protect Fitz’s portal — they have a daughter, who was chilling in the back. Awww, Deke’s mom.

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One Year Later — wait, now they’ve crossed over into DC??? The gang is catching up. Everyone is doing well and loving their best life, but true to Enoch’s premonition they’re not together…really. They’re communicating via holograms on a break from their normal activities.


Yo Yo is Mack’s top operative on a mission with Piper and LMD Davis, Piper’s anything she wanted favor from FitzSimmons. That was a great touch for one of the show’s best supporting characters.

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May is teaching at the Coulson Academy and Flint is a student; Mack’s atop the Hellicarrier rocking a trench coat that would make Nick Fury proud. Daisy, Kora and Sousa are part of a space force. And for Coulson? Mack made him a new Lola complete with color change transformation. As the man said — cool.

Nathaniel and The Chronicoms weren’t awesome villains, but this season was a success in spite of the best adversaries. And the bonus of everyone getting their ideal happy ending made this a really satisfying, fan pleasing in the best ways way to wrap the series. It’s been an amazing ride thanks to one magical trip to Tahiti.

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Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC