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DC FanDome: The Batman trailer

As someone who’s never been to San Diego Comic Con, DC FanDome did a great job of feeling inclusive for everyone. I watched most of it and was impressed with how smoothly it turned out and the panels and teases.

Easily one of the best and what DC positioned as one of its heavy hitters was Matt Reeves The Batman panel.

The Batman - Catwoman

While I’m not sure if we need yet another grounded take on Batman, Reeves’ genuine enthusiasm and excitement won me over.

The Batman Batmobile

Course if he’d just led off with the trailer that wouldn’t have been an issue at all…

Paul Dano’s take on The Riddler looks very Bane-inspired, which seems a bit weird, but in keeping with Reeves’ desire to actually make a detective Batman movie.

The Batman riddler clue

What’d you think?

The Batman Batman beat down

Photo Credit: DC FanDome