Four more members who should join the Justice Society in Black Adam movie

After seemingly years of discussion and rumors, DC FanDome finally provided some legit intel on Black Adam and what all it will incorporate including a scaled-down version of the Justice Society.

Star Dwayne Johnson broke down which JSA members we’ll see. While a decent lineup, it’s hardly much of a society.

The team has a decent foundation with Hawkman and Dr. Fate, founding members of the original team back in its early formation back in 1940. Rather  than include some of the other founding members like the Alan Scott Green Lantern, Housman, Wildcat or the Jay Garrick version of The Flash, Black Adam’s JSA goes to two newer additions in Atom Smasher and Cyclone.

I love the addition of Cyclone, one of the members of the young class Geoff Johns added on his final run of JSA. She’s got wind manipulation abilities that should play well on the big screen especially in collaboration with Hawkman.

black adam logo

Atom Smasher is another strong (pun intended) character and watching his size-changing abilities on the big screen should be fun.

Still, it would have been nice to have seen a few more classic and modern JSA characters. Here’s four more that would make for a great addition to the team that could also help Black Adam in line and avoid “confusion” with the JSA members on Stargirl:

Liberty Belle

Alex Ross Liberty Belle

Jessie Chambers is the daughter of two 1940s heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Jessie initially avoided the superhero life, but adopted a speedster identity to honor her father. Later, she developed vibrational abilities and she took her mother’s code name. Cyclone is a younger member and this JSA needs more women anyway.


Alex Ross Starman

This version of the character is actually a time-displaced member of the Legion of Super Heroes. In the future with the Legion, Thom Kallor takes standard medication to treat his schizophrenia, but his time trip destroyed his medication leaving him through bouts of seeming madness though he retains his heroic mindset. Starman’s control over gravity also makes him a tough hero.

Power Girl

Alex Ross Power Girl

One of the strongest and toughest heavy hitters in the DCU, Power Girl doesn’t apologize for her intelligence or her strength. Power Girl could be an interesting take on the strong modern woman as she doesn’t feel like she has to be bashful about her looks for insecure men. And she can absolutely go toe to toe with Black Adam.

Mr. Terrific

Alex Ross Mr. Terrific

Hawkman led many incarnations of the JSA, but the team also needs a strategist capable of devising a plan to take down a god. Enter Michael Holt, the third smartest man in the DCU. The character never truly got his due in Arrow and he’s too good of a character to be stranded in oblivion with Arrow’s cancellation.

Those are my picks. Who else would you want to see join the Black Adam version of the JSA?

Photo Credit: DC Comics