Batman: The Long Halloween, Justice Society animated films coming in 2021

At DC FanDome, the lineup for the 2021 DC Animated Universe was announced and it’s already shaping up to be one of the strongest years yet.

After the 70s theme Batman: Soul of the Dragon, we’re getting a break from the Batman/Justice League pattern with Justice Society: World War II.

Justice society of America

You guys know I’m a JSA fanatic so I’m thrilled we’ll be seeing them in their Nazi-battling glory. Hopefully this takes a few cues from Tom Taylor’s Injustice: Year Zero and include Amazing Man among the team’s lineup to add some diversity to the team.

Next up is one of my favorite Batman stories is Batman: The Long Halloween. It’s a phenomenal mystery and one that set the stage for Batman’s never ending battle to keep Gotham safe.

Batman has to track down a killer who only takes out his targets on holidays beginning with Halloween. It’s a non-traditional Batman villain at the center of everything, but his familiar rogues also come into play too.

Batman the long Halloween

The Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale story also influenced Christopher Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight and seemingly Matt Reeves The Batman.

Hopefully DC Animation commits to adapting Sale’s unique art style, which really helped make Long Halloween stand out from so many other acclaimed Batman stories.

Best of all it’s not going to be rushed as The Long Halloween is going to be a two-part film. That’s great news as it’s too good a story to be crammed into the usual 75-minute animated film.

Photo Credit: DC Comics