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WWE Elite #63 Shelton Benjamin figure review

Shelton Benjamin might be the biggest travesty of the WWE Ruthless Aggression era. He was every bit as talented as all the other high-profile talents, but he never got the big run like his peers following a brief moment upon getting drafted to Raw. He’s always been one of my favorite modern-era guys though so I was thrilled when he returned so I could get a figure. Let’s see if this figure sets a new standard in my collection.

Packaging: No deviation from the standard formula here with the white backdrop and red accents. I like the layout of the information a lot though as it’s clear and easy to follow.

The package write-up is funny as it highlights the interchangeable hands instead of the ladder, which seems like a cooler selling point. Shelton is the oddity in this wave as the only figure I picked up.

Likeness: Mattel did a nice job with Shelton’s head sculpt, which captures his low-key swagger with a look of confidence and assurance he will take out anyone in front of him. Benjamin was a little bigger when he returned as he’d bulked up some from his time in New Japan.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review -posing

Mattel doesn’t have a torso in between this one and the British Bulldog one so this was the best option. He’s got his kickpads and everything else is accomplished via paint.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - scale with eddie guerrero, rey mysterio and brock lesnar

Scale: Shelton is 6’3”, the same height as his former teammate Brock Lesnar and taller than the 6’ John Cena. Shelton is nearly the same size as Lesnar although I think his head is a bit oversized.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - facing eddie guerrero, rey mysterio and brock lesnar

Paint: Easy stuff out of the way first. This paintjob is pretty well done save a few scuff marks and scrapes. The white and gold makes for a great contrast. I wish Mattel were able to do a subtle stubble fading atop Shelton’s head so his head didn’t look like a chrome dome.

There’s a chase figure for Shelton featuring his days when he channeled Vince McMahon’s desire to have a black guy on the roster with blonde hair a la The Natural Butch Reed. I always found that silly, but it fits in better as a flashback compared to the current regular version. The modern dragon tattoo came out really nice.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - tattoo detail

Articulation: Shelton is one of those very skilled stars. I wish Mattel was implementing butterfly shoulder joints as it would be immensely helpful for a star like Shelton who employs a variety of suplexes in his arsenal. Beyond that, you can pull off most of his move set.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - flying bulldog to rey mysterio

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - superkick to eddie guerrero

Shelton Benjamin has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - paydirt on eddie guerrero

Accessories: I already spoiled the accessories — a set of semi-closed gripping hands and it seems a little odd that he doesn’t come with regular fists.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - accessories

Shelton also has the mini-ladder, which is useful for ladder matches when the guys don’t realize they’re using the short one before going for the one that will actually reach the belt/briefcase.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - atop ladder

Worth it? Shelton is a solid figure for $20. I don’t think he’s worth the current nearly $40 price, but that’s true for most Elite figures.

Rating: 9 out of 10

I’d love to eventually get a Charlie Haas figure and reunite the World’s Greatest Tag Team, but for a solo run Shelton even without the hair this is a good figure. I just wish his noggin were a little smaller and his kneepads provided more flexibility.

wwe elite shelton benjamin figure review - main pic

Where to get it? You’re gonna have to pay more to get Shelton at this point, but he’s still available on Amazon.