DC Comics reviews 9-8-20 Dark Knights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1, Hawkman #27

Hawkman #27

hawkman #27

I’m really dreading the end of Hawkman. Of the numerous books on the cancellation block for DC, Hawkman and Justice League Odyssey felt like the two titles that had plenty of story left and the creative teams hardly hit a wall in terms of potential new directions to take the characters.

With this issue, writer Robert Venditti and artist Fernando Pasarin return Hawkman and Hawkwoman to the 1940s to their glory days with the Justice Society. Better yet this issue they’re tangling with the Injustice Society. Venditti already wrote the fantastic Freedom Fighters maxi-series and with this segment, a Venditti/Pasarin Justice Society title is now right the top of my comics wish list.

The fascinating aspect of this arc is Hawkman is experiencing a new emotion in the wake of getting one final life — fear in knowing he doesn’t have more reincarnations in the tank. That’s a terrific subplot for Hawkman and with only two issues left to explore it, that’s not nearly enough time for a premise that would be compelling to read. Especially now with Hawkwoman back at his side.

Pasarin’s art continues to be some of the best at DC and I love the detail in which he brings the classic JSA characters to life. Only problem? Venditti didn’t bring more of the society in the issue.

hawkman #27 pages 2-3

After the fun ride of Stargirl, it was really fun seeing the Injustice Society in all of their glory.  Jeromy Cox’s color work remains impeccable and is showcased beautifully on the JSA/IS spread and the final page.

Hawkman is such an odd book as it’s charging ahead like a title with no end in sight and retaining an extremely high level of quality

Rating: 10 out of 10