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The Flash #761

the flash #761

Joshua Williamson’s Flash run won’t be something I start appreciating after he’s gone as he continues to create one of the more comprehensive and respectful takes of the journey of the character — not just the start of his tenure.

This issue The Legion of Zoom battles the Flash family: all of em.

It’s clear how deep Williamson’s love for the character goes as he kicks off the issue with John Fox, a character dating back to Grant Morrison’s DC One Million and Mark Waid’s run on The Flash.

Along the way in this issue Williamson adds another layer to some of Johns’ important Flash stories while tidying up some recent Flash Family events from Teen Titans and Heroes in Crisis. Williamson deserves a medal for the strives he takes here to address some questionable out of character decisions made by Flash characters.

Howard Porter has a daunting task of pencilling a slew of Flash heroes and Rogues and providing enough detail so readers can spot characters like Double Down or Plunder as easily as Meena, Captain Cold or Citizen Cold. It’s an epic task and Porter is up for the challenge. Hi-Fi’s strong color work doesn’t hurt either.

Williamson is setting up a memorable finale for this arc with what’s being billed as the final race between Thawne and The Flash. As strong as this final arc has been its safe to assume Williamson won’t disappoint.

Rating: 10 out of 10