Young Justice renewed for Season 4, but where will it air?

Young Justice has been renewed for Season 4 and even has a subtitle: Phantoms.

Executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti revealed the news during the Young Justice panel at today’s DC FanDome. They revealed that the pandemic hasn’t affected the show as much as some others as the cast is recording their lines remotely instead of all together. That should mean we might get Young Justice early in 2021 as opposed to most of the CWVerse shows, which are aiming for a fall 2021 release.

The real question is where the series will air. Season 3 debuted on the DC Universe app, which might be gone by 2021. It could show up on HBO Max, but it seems like it would be a better fit on CW or the CW Seed.


Most of the panel focused on the cast performing a script, which was pretty cool to see especially with so many of the cast members doubling up different characters.

Hopefully we’ll get some more news soon on Young Justice Phantoms. For now, you can check out Young Justice: Outsiders on Amazon.

Photo Credit: DC FanDome