DC Comics reviews 9/15/20 – Batman #99, Detective Comics #1027

Batman #99

batman #99

Batman rallies his Bat Family around him to take down The Joker’s Clown army, but The Joker has a few surprises left. One of them is going to rank in the all-time worst things Joker has ever done to Batman and his allies.

James Tynion IV is reaching the finish line with The Joker War arc and in conjunction with Their Dark Designs has been one of the better one-two Batman arcs in years. While Tynion is making Punchline a prominent part of the story, he’s kept Clownhunter in the shadows. That’s proving to be a better move with this new character who presumably will be a factor for awhile after this storyline.

While it may have been more appropriate for Dick Grayson to don his Nightwing attire in his own book, it helped make this issue feel special especially with how he got his costume back. I also really appreciated how Tynion includes Harley in the strategy session while making her an outsider to the rest of the Bat Family.

Jorge Jimenez provides some more incredible art this issue. His take on The Joker really is frightening and he’s drawing what should make for some gorgeous posters.

After the City of Bane, it was nice to see the Bat Family on the same page again and operating as a cohesive unit. Tynion also respected the continuity with Damian Wayne in Teen Titans and kept him out of the event, which was a nice extra touch.

The Joker War wraps up next issue and Tynion ends this issue with a killer cliffhanger that was legitimately shocking as to the depths Joker will go to gain the psychological advantage over Batman.

Rating: 10 out of 10