Check out the promotional pictures of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Robin, Dark Nights Death Metal Batman

At best with any DC Multiverse wave from McFarlane Toys we can hope to get maybe one or two non-Batman figures. That doesn’t quite break down with that theory, but it provides two pretty essential figures and a pair of nice variants.

We know you’re excited for this one🔥. Latest wave is coming Jan 2021.

Dark Nights Death Metal Batman
mcfarlane toys dc multiverse dark nights metal batman
The Drowned

This is one of the more inspired Dark Knights from Metal and I really like how this turned out.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse the drowned figure


Red Son Superman

I appreciate a little variety in the line and this take on Superman looks great. Hopefully this is the base going forward as this seems to have the best cape positioning and build.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse red son superman


This definitely seems to be using the Jonboy Meyers take on Robin as the model.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse damian wayne robin


Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys