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Hasbro PulseCon: Marvel Legends reveals Kang, Falcon, Firestar and Thanos

The Hasbro Marvel team revealed some welcome new additions to the Marvel Legends line including some badly needed updates and three never before done figures in the format.

We’ve got one more wave slated for 2020 with the second set of figures based on the Marvel’s Avengers video game.

Stealth Captain America with removable helmet

marvel legends marvel's avengers captain america

Pre-order Stealth Captain America from Target and Amazon.

Atmosphere Armor Iron Man with unmasked Tony Stark head.

marvel legends marvel's avengers iron man

Pre-order Iron Man from Target and Amazon.

Classic Falcon — it’s more of a 90s version than the 70s/80s version. I’m sure Hasbro will reveal that one later, but I don’t mind having multiple Falcon figures.

marvel legends falcon

Falcon is available for pre-order on Target and Amazon.

Kang — this one has been oh so overdue and I can’t wait to get him.

marvel legends kang

Pre-order Kang from Target and Amazon.

Erik Masteron Thor — this is a cool addition and a useful figure for the 90s Avengers.

marvel legends thunderstrike

Pre-order Thunderstrike from Target and Amazon.

Jocasta — I wasn’t expecting to see this member of the 70s/80s era squad. I definitely want to grab this one as it’s a cool figure.

marvel legends jocasta

Pre-order Jocasta from Target and Amazon.

Video Game version Joe Fixit (Build-A-Figure) — The Hasbro team said this figure utilizes some Kingpin parts — I definitely would have preferred the grey comic version though.

You can pre-order the wave at Entertainment Earth.

There’s some other Hasbro Pulse exclusives with the winner of the 2020 Fan Vote, Silk.

We’d seen it on some international reports, but the official reveal of the Hellfire Club Guard was announced and it is up on Pulse for the standard affordable army builder price.

hasbro marvel legends hellfire club guard

2021 previews

Into the Spider-Verse wave featuring Miles Morales, Ghost Spider with Spider-Ham and Build-A-Figure Stilt Man.

The Hand Ninja is the army builder for the wave, which allows you to have a slew of leg extensions. It’s one of the smartest BAF ideas I’ve seen.

Bring on the Bad Guys 

Way back with Toy Biz’s Wave 13, they originally wanted to release a wave of just villains. That never panned out for various reasons, but Hasbro was able to make it happen now and we got the reveal of two of them.

These reveals were shown in grey scale and then a digital color version.

hasbro pulse con 2020 marvel legends arcade


This is an interesting choice and a fun one since he’s been a longtime X-Men/Marvel villain.

hasbro pulse con 2020 marvel legends -arcade colored


hasbro pulse con 2020 marvel legends - dormammu

Now I can happily ditch the BAF version since this was the one I’ve always wanted.


One of the Walgreens exclusives for next year is the Silver Surfer from the Cosmic Ghost Rider storyline.

Target is committing to a Retro theme line and that will include at least two of the 90s X-Men.

And to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos gets a new deluxe standalone figure that looks very good.

Hasbro PulseCon 2020 – marvel legends thanos

One final tease for the panel was the Firestar, a long overdue member to complete Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and adding another member of the New Warriors.

hasbro pulse con 2020 marvel legends firestar

House of X

Hasbro mentioned this in an earlier panel so this wasn’t a shock, but we did get to see three of the line and they feature important characters from the new take on the X-Men.

Moira with other parts to create various versions of her different lives.

hasbro pulse con 2020 marvel legends moira mctaggert

Professor X

Hasbro PulseCon 2020 – professor x


Hasbro PulseCon 2020 – house of x magneto


Photo Credit: Hasbro