Hasbro PulseCon 2020: G.I. Joe Classified Series reveals Zartan, Firefly and Cobra Vipers

Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified Series PulseCon panel rightfully terrified my wallet with the four new reveals. As always, I was hoping for more like the plethora of upcoming figures we saw yesterday with Marvel Legends and Star Wars, but at least the three all-new figures revealed today looked great.


GIJ CS - Zartan - Image 1


You can pre-order Zartan at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Cobra Infantry

GIJ CS - Cobra Infantry - Image 1

You can pre-order the Cobra Infantry Trooper at Entertainment Earth


In great news for scalpers, Hasbro is releasing another set of Assault on Cobra Island Target exclusive figures. This wave might be even more infuriating to get as it features yet another army builder with the Cobra Viper and a very major A-list character in Firefly.

These figures look great, but I can already imagine the nightmare of trying to get these guys. (Update: And they were thanks to Target’s wacky website’s search engine).

Cobra Viper

GIJ CS CI - Cobra Viper - Image 1



GIJ CS CI - Firefly - Image 1

I could barely get my order through for Firefly, but the Vipers were sold out. I’m going to assume these guys won’t be back up for pre-order so hopefully Hasbro already has a secondary release outlet set up for these guys.

Hasbro also revealed the second wave of its Retro Series featuring Destro, Roadblock and Scarlett. And the first vehicle with the Cobra FANG.


GIJ RS - Destro - Image 1


GIJ RS - Roadblock - Image 1


GIJ RS - Scarlett - Image 1

Cobra FANG

GIJ RS - Cobra FANG Vehicle - Image 1

What do you think of the reveals?

Photo Credit: Hasbro