AEW Unrivaled Kenny Omega figure review

Kenny Omega has participated in some of the best matches in modern wrestling history as has rightfully earned the nickname The Best Bout Machine. As one of the featured stars in AEW (and management), he’s tried not to put himself at the center of the promotion while still delivering some excellent matches. With Wicked Cool Toys releasing its first wave of AEW Unrivaled figures, Omega was a no-brainer inclusion.

Let’s see if this figure earns a spot on my shelf or makes me wish it goodbye and good night.

Packaging:  I like the bold gold used as it makes for a great contrast to the black and helps the figures pop on the shelves…presuming you could actually find them on store shelves.

That side portrait is so tiny though that it almost doesn’t feel like it’s worth the effort.

I wish there was a bio included with this packaging. It seems so bare even with the big photo of the character in action. One cool aspect of the packaging is the attire breakdown from the specific event. That’s a nice touch.

Likeness:  The head sculpt is really good. This captures the confident, pre-match look for The Best Bout Machine. I hope WCT will quickly work in more varied head sculpts as I do really like the intense expression on the package.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - shooting aim

Omega has a pretty defined body sculpt, which is appropriate for him as he’s in good shape. Of all the wave one figures, Omega probably has the best and appropriate sculpt.

Scale:  Omega is average height at 6’ the same height as Chris Jericho. He should look up a bit to the 6’1” Cody and standing slightly taller than his Elite allies The Young Bucks at 5’10” and 5’11”.

The Unrivaled sculpt matches up pretty well with both Mattel’s Elite and Ultimate Edition figures besides being a tad beefier. The proportions look a little better on Omega, but this is more of a long term thing so we’ll see how this looks by Unrivaled wave 50.


Paint:  Omega changes his hair color up constantly so while this figure has a pretty flat black, it’s not necessarily wrong. Of course for an AEW version, the lack of blonde hair with dirty black roots seems really off — the problem with showing a reference portrait that doesn’t match up with the figure.

Like with most of these first figure waves, the skin tone is pretty pale. Omega has more of the professional wrestler spray tan so he looks off. The plastic also is inconsistent so some areas are lighter than others and it’s not just the way the light is hitting it.

His tight design is really nice and actually has an airbrush look to it.

That’s very impressive and I can’t wait to see what WCT will do with more of Omega’s more intricate tights.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - rise of the terminator

Articulation:  If you’ve regularly been collecting Mattel’s Elite line you’ve got a good idea what to expect here with a few improvements namely the double-jointed elbows and tilting torso. These definitely aid in poseability. I’m exciting about trying out more after posing Omega and Cody.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - weapons face off with jon moxley

The Unrivaled figures have much tighter joints that allowed me to lock in moves better like a German suplex thanks to a more stable center of balance.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - german suplex to jon moxley

I would have liked for WCT to go a step above the expected wrestling figure articulation and add some butterfly shoulders to make submission moves easier.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - wheelbarrow german suplex

Like the Elites, a full nelson is still an impossible move to pull off well.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - bulldog legdrop

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - moonsault

Kenny Omega has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - tope con hilo on cody

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - v-trigger to cody

Accessories:  Omega gets a bit more than Cody. His ring jacket is pretty intricate with the cross strap and belt-like strap and one sleeve. The paintwork particularly on the straps is relatively good enough despite some slop along the lines.

While it looks great the engineering on the jacket isn’t great and the tab pops out with a glance so it’s not very stable and hard to keep closed.

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - wide pic trigger finger

He also has swappable hands. One is a matching left hand trigger gesture and the other is an open clutching right hand. He also has a gauntlet for his right arm.

Worth it?  I got Kenny Omega is $20. He’s a pretty good deal even with the pesky ring jacket.

Rating: 9 out of 10

aew unrivaled kenny omega figure review - aiming at cody

This is a really good first effort from WCT. Omega just needed better execution on the accessories, skin tones and highlights. The articulation has me optimistic this line is only going to improve in the future.

Where to get it?  Theoretically you should be able to find these guys at Wal-Mart, the exclusive home of the AEW line at least for 2020. That’s a bad deal for the AEW line as Wal-Mart has never been as prolific as stocking its exclusives as compared to Target, Walgreens or GameStop.