Mattel reveals new WWE Legends Series 9, WWE Elite figures

Mattel showed some mock-ups back around San Diego Comic Con, but today they revealed official prototypes during New York Comic Con. Some looked really good and will definitely be joining my collection.

First up is the WWE Legends Series 9.

There’s an updated version of The Undertaker in his phantom of the WWF era days. This is nice for everyone who missed out on the figure earlier.

WWE Mattel WWE legends The Undertaker - close up

Nikolai Volkoff gets a new figure from his American patriot days.

wwe legends series 9 - nikolai volkoff

wwe legends series 9 nikolai volkoff wearing accessoriesThe Million Dollar Man gets a suited version. With the grey and pink as the chase. 


On the modern front, Mattel showed a few current roster members and Flashbacks.

From Elite 81 (which also includes The Street Profits, Bianca Belair, Stunning Steve Austin and Mae Young) 

Nakamura with his new blue attire. This one looks great and features a tremendous head sculpt. He also comes with the new Intercontinental title.

wwe elite 81 Shinsuke Nakamura


He also has a chase with the red and white accents.

wwe Elite-81-Shinsuke-Nakamura-chase



Mae Young is the classic collectors figure so basically the Walmart exclusive.

wwe elite 81 mae young


wwe elite 81 mae young with accessoriesAnd for later Elite waves…

The British Bulldog version Dabney Boy Smith looks incredible. It’s latter era Bulldogs Davey though so he has the mini-mullet going. 

wwe elite 82 davey boy smith holding matilda

Elite 84

Murphy with Monday Night Messiah disciple T-shirt.

wwe elite 84 murphy


You can pre-order Elite 82 from Entertainment Earth

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