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Jazwares and Wicked Cool Toys reveals AEW Unrivaled Wave 2 Dustin Rhodes and MJF figures

Hey good luck out there for everyone still trying to find AEW Unrivaled Wave 1. I’ve managed to get Cody, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, but Brandi Rhodes and The Young Bucks are a pipe dream or a scalper’s paradise.

Either way, they’re a no go unless Walmart actually decides to stock this line on shelves.

Today, Jeremy Padawer revealed two more of Wave 2 beyond the initial glimpse we saw back at San Diego Comic Con with MJF and Dustin Rhodes.

aew unrivaled dustin rhodes


aew unrivaled mjf figure regular

MJF gets a chase version because it’s not difficult enough to find these figures in stores already.

aew unrivaled mjf figure

Padawer hinted at a major showing, but it looks like that’s going to be delayed until Monday…maybe. Stay tuned. He also addressed the distribution challenges that have hurt the line’s visibility since the release this fall.


Photo Credit: WCT, Jazwares