WWE Elite Miss Elizabeth figure review – Series #77

Mattel still has a ways to go before they catch up to Jakks’ amazing output of Classic legends from the 80s and 90s, but they have managed to get several essential characters. One of the major ones was Miss Elizabeth. I was thrilled to get the first one back in Elite 19 and was happy to get another one with the Then Now Forever figure. Now we get an attire based off of one of her most iconic moments from Summerslam 1988.

Packaging:  I always appreciate when Mattel mixes up the packaging according to big WWE events. This series focuses on SummerSlam and has an orange and blue color scheme.

As you can see mine got demolished in transit — the crapshoot of ordering from Walmart.com. Elizabeth’s set up is pretty barren since she’s not normal size. Mattel used a different picture for Elizabeth than the Then, Now, Forever figure.

The left side portrait actually features a shot of Elizabeth from Summerslam 88, which is a nice touch. The bio is very simplistic without a ton of detail outside of explaining the significance of this attire.

Likeness: I didn’t think Mattel’s previous Miss Elizabeth figures were bad, but the likeness on this one blows the others away. It starts with the hair sculpt, which flows in a more natural manner to how Elizabeth tended to wear her hair. The TNF figure hair looked more like a cap with an indention for sunglasses like we see in figures like Edge and Christian.

The head sculpt seems better as well with her features softened drastically so there’s not as many sharp edges around her nose and cheekbones.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - three faces of elizabeth

The rest of the figure is the same as the previous Elizabeth figures right down to the heels.

Her dress has the right amount of poof and Mattel even made the effort to try and create a reasonable facsimile of the fabric red rose she wore. It should be positioned more in the center, but I’m thinking this was more of a stitching issue to ensure it didn’t pop off. For whatever reason the skirt doesn’t exactly match the rest of the dress. Maybe the skirt isn’t made of the same material and this was a cost-cutting effort? Given the ‘feature’ here it’s not a big deal.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - with wwe elite 19 and then now forever miss elizabeth

Scale:  Miss Elizabeth was tiny compared to the giants of the 80s and she looks right in scale next to The Megapowers and Megabucks.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - mean gene interviews the megapowers


Paint:  Again the face printing gives this figure the edge. The eyebrows gradually fade as they get further from her eyes, there’s a hint of eye shadow and the lipstick is a bold bright red that matches her attire.

Mattel did a pretty good job of matching arm sleeves with the yellow and red of the main dress. Her nails turned out well also and there was no slop around her heels.

Articulation:  For Miss Elizabeth the main thing she normally has to do is stand at ringside. You can find those sweet balancing spots and she’ll hold a pose fine, but for your display make sure she’s set and doesn’t become the domino that topples everyone else over.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - with megapowers

Her hair greatly restricts up and down and left and right movement. It’s a tradeoff, but I prefer this likeness so I’ll deal with limited neck movement.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - summerslam 1988 megapowers vs megabucks face off

With this specific attire, you’ll want her standing on the ring apron as well holding her skirt and she’ll do that without any issue. Also it’s hilarious that Mattel always includes bicep articulation on their female figures, but it’s an oddity when we see that with a female Marvel Legends figure.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - in the megapowers corner

Miss Elizabeth has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - itsy bitsy surprise for the megabucks

Accessories: Miss Elizabeth doesn’t come with a ton of accessories. She has a separate set of gripping hands presumably to use with her other accessory — her removable skirt.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - accessories in tray

In 1988, Elizabeth wearing a bathing suit bottom was as scandalous as Vince had ever gone and for a slew of us pre-teen WWF fans, it was quite the moment.

miss elizabeth summerslam 1988

Anyway, this is a fun feature and something that was almost funny to think Mattel wouldn’t include as it could be considered too risque.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review -megapowers triumphant

Worth it?  I got Miss Elizabeth for $16. That’s ideal since she doesn’t have a ton of size or accessories.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review - macho man seeing the lust in hogan's eyes

Rating: 10 out of 10

I’m cutting Mattel some slack on the rose placement and the thinner skirt material as this is really a fantastic Miss Elizabeth figure from one of her most iconic WWF moments.

wwe elite series 77 miss elizabeth figure review -megapowers handshake

Where to get it?  I missed Target’s great sale on this wave, but Amazon has her for slightly less than retail price. Entertainment Earth still has Miss Elizabeth up for pre-order at regular price.