Monster Force Zero review

The intent with Monster Force Zero doesn’t seem to be to make a good movie so much as make a movie so bad it’s good. Yet it fails to get that right turning in an effort is merely content to tease its potential before getting overcome by shoddy acting and a questionable script.

Easily the most frustrating aspect of the film is it really doesn’t have to be so bad. The premise isn’t bad, but it’s undone by a cheesy 80s approach to a film set in modern times.

monster force zero movie review - kadabra in action

Calvin (Adam Singer) and his co-creators Kadabra (Dalena Nguyen) and Ammo (Aeon Cruz) are working the comic con circuit trying to drum up interest in their comic book, Monster Force Zero.

They’re joined by a mysterious cosplayer dressed like a yeti who never speaks in competing in a contest. This isn’t a regular contest as they acquire orbs that great them the respective powers of their comic book characters.

Little does Monster Force Zero realize is the game organizers Ann Unaki (Silvia Taziri) and Igigi (Sly Clayton) are sizing them up to join an intergalactic battle. Not a bad plot at all.


Performances are so bad that it’s either a case of the actors only getting one take to get their line delivery right or are intentionally hamming it up. Either way very few of the actors are very convincing. Maybe the most credible is former WWF/AWA wrestler Pat Tanaka.

Surprisingly the special effects are decent. Clearly the filmmakers aren’t working with a blockbuster budget, but the effects are a higher quality than I’d expect given the state of everything else.

monster force zero movie review - ammo vs guns lazer

Fight choreography isn’t bad either and is laid out well with incorporating the super powers.

It really felt like director/co-screenwriter Nathan Letteer and co-screenwriters Tyson Kroening and Michele Pacitto lacked confidence in their plot and opted to go overly silly and goofy.

As the film plays out, it increasingly feels like they could have approached it from a more serious nature and produced a better movie. The elements are all there, but the entire film feels like an ill-fitting 80s homage.

monster force zero movie review - ammo vs the dragon

Monster Force Zero really could have been a better movie, but it’s squandered seemingly due to a lack of confidence from the filmmakers.

Rating: 4.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Wild Eye Releasing