The Boys: We Gotta Go Now review S2 E5

Depending on your rooting interest, things went from bad to worse in We Gotta Go Now, an episode that saw The 7 make some major strides while The Boys get to limp away with a minor moral victory.

Homelander hasn’t had a lot of wins lately, but he is taking a sick pleasure in making Queen Maeve squirm after outing her as gay. “Queen Maeve is gay and it’s ok” is a horribly offensive and on the nose slogan making it perfect for Vought. The Vought marketing team is all over it with the Dawn of The 7 movie script forcing in a lesbian lover to bringing Elena into the new Maeve marketing blitz was inspired.

the boys - we gotta go now review - stormfront, starlight and queen maeve

This whole exchange was hilarious for how sadly true this must be in celebrity world. Elena tried to remind the marketing suits that Maeve is bi, but they decided lesbian was less “confusing.” The bit with Elena complaining about the menswear and the guys responding that people prefer a less feminine member in a relationship because “this isn’t Penthouse Forum” forced me to pause the episode so I could finish laughing.  


Billy reconnects with his aunt so he can check in on his dog, but Black Noir has tracked him down. Hughie and Mother’s Milk decoded his last conversation and a chat with his aunt helped Hughie realize Billy views him in the same way he did his dead baby brother.

Before we can find out how he got killed, Black Noir storms the house and walks into several traps set by MM. That doesn’t amount to much and The Boys look finished before Billy threatens to out Homelander’s secret rape child to the world with pictures to prove it. Stan has a camera feed tapped into Black Noir’s helmet and agrees for a truce…or at least that Black Noir won’t kill them now. That’ll do for The Boys. 

the boys - we gotta go now review - black noir

Earlier it seemed like Kimiko was going to get an expanded role this season with her brother popping up, but she’s largely been a side character with Frenchie trying to look after her like a lovesick puppy. The notion of Kimiko being an assassin now and working with Frenchie’s girlfriend to find targets is kind of interesting, but it feels very much like a C-level subplot. 


At least she’s better off than The Deep, who’s making the promotional rounds with his new wife and hawking books for The Church of the Collective. He’s been treated like such a laughingstock it’s hard to remember him as the sleazebag who sexually harassed Starlight. If there’s one misstep from the series it’s been making Deep such a punching bag he’s become sympathetic. Maeve’s offer to help him get back in The Seven puts two characters who haven’t had a lot of screen time together, which could be really interesting. 

Homelander found himself on the wrong side of public opinion after killing a supe and an innocent caught in the fray. Just as a reminder, Homelander is also ridiculously un-PC/likely racist and isn’t happy with the extra attention. He seeks to diffuse it by chatting the crowd protesting outside of Vought. 

What does it say about Homelander that it was completely believable that he flash fired the crowd with his laser blasts? It may have been more shocking that he only imagined it. But Homelander is all about the people — or at least his standing with the people. With his popularity numbers dropping, he seeks Stormfront’s help. 

Stormfront is a racist troll and it’s savvy how the writers show her weaponizing social media with memes and gifs to turn situations to her advantage. In this case she’s got a new very powerful ally on her side.

A-Train is out of The Seven, but he gets to shoot his farewell scene for the movie after seeing firsthand the nasty side of Stormfront. It is kind of a bad look for Stan to run a group with two borderline Nazis and no minorities, doesn’t it? 

Stormfront stayed on her scorched Earth roll as she talked to Starlight’s mother at catering before not so subtly hinting that she knew Starlight leaked the Compound V news. Starlight later uses her one trump card and reveals that she knows Starlight used to be Liberty. I don’t think this was the best tactical move. Especially when Homelander walks in to catch up with his new superhero BFF. 

And how does she want him to repay the debt? By laser blasting her chest. Uh-oh, Stormfront is invulnerable and has semi-rapid healing abilities. Now she and Homelander are having the roughest superhero sex ever. I didn’t need that image in my mind on so many levels. 

the boys - we gotta go now review - stormfront and homelander

We Gotta Go Now sets up an inevitable Stormfront/Starlight confrontation, aligns The Seven’s most psychotic members together and sees the end of A-Train? Not a bad way to spend an hour. 

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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