Lovecraft Country: Full Circle review S1 E10

If Lovecraft Country wraps now without a second season it will have been one of the memorable one and down series I’ve ever seen. That said, if HBO is hard at work on a Game of Thrones prequel that few were demanding, Lovecraft Country seems almost assured of a sophomore season. For now, let’s break down this amazing season finale.

Through most of the season, Leti and Tic have had visions of escaping Ardham and following Hannah. When they try and revive Dee, both are knocked out and sent to another realm outside of time and space. Leti talks with Hattie while Tic chats with Hannah, who explains her reluctance to use the Book of Names again. She thought this fiery realm was her rage made manifest.

This is a nice callback to the Don’t Kill Dub (Poem By Sonia Sanchez) track played last episode. Here is Hannah’s fire and the magic was a gift for her to pass on. 

lovecraft country - full circle review - dora and tic

Tic isn’t done with his family reunions as he has a nice moment with his mother where he admits he doesn’t want to die. He knows this is the end of his story and while he’s been secretive with everyone about his fate, he can be vulnerable with his mother. It wouldn’t have entirely made a ton of sense, but I was hoping Tic would have one final moment with Uncle George as well. 

With help from Hannah and Hattie, Leti and Tic are able to remove the curse from Diana — mostly. Her arm is still decayed, the physical manifestation of the trauma Lancaster so casually inflicted upon her. 

For their next trick, Hattie, Hannah and Dora help Tic and Leti bound Titus Braithwhite to their spell so Tic can snatch his heart(?). And that was the easy part. Next up was getting some of Christina’s blood, but how could they make that happen? Ruby! Leti tries to appeal to her sister on the family love angle, but that seemed a hard sell and Ruby wasn’t interested in helping her out. 

lovecraft country - full circle review - christina

Christina tries to appeal to Tic promising to leave him and his family be if he’ll just hand over the Book of Names. It’s true Tic and Leti have been generous with aces up their sleeve that have worked in their favor, but Tic makes the right call in opting to not be so generous this time. Christina turns dirty and removes Leti’s invulnerability spell before cramming for her immortality final tomorrow. She does have time to kiss Ruby and shake things up from their normal sexcapades. 

Tic’s efforts at reconciliation were more fruitful as he made amends with Ji-Ah, apologizing for his dismissive attitude toward her when she showed up. Hippolyta strikes out with her first attempt to make peace with Dee, but makes some progress when she presents her with an Orinthia Blue comic and something else that really gets Dee excited. 

While Lovecraft Country has dabbled and taken long cozy baths dealing with magic, showrunner Misha Green hasn’t shied away from incorporating the religious spiritual aspect of black families as well. It’s why Leti made sure before they carried out their mission that Tic got baptized. She wanted to ensure that her man was covered so one day they would be reunited. 

It’s time for a family road trip. When George bragged that Woody could fit a rack of people he wasn’t lying. Along for the ride to Ardham is Leti, Tic, Montrose (of course), Dee, Hippolyta, Ji-Ah and Ruby. She’s come through with a vial of Christina’s blood. Blood is apparently thicker than shapeshifting girlfriends/boyfriends. 

Lovecraft Country has sorta conditioned viewers to expect the worse so the singalong moment that seemed all set to end in some horrific fashion was actually just a nice moment for the extended family.


Back at Ardham, Tic has his last meal of a piece of Titus and Christina’s blood to wash it down. Maybe he should have brought a cupcake for a good dessert at least? He heads to the main compound to find an altar and a group of polite folks to strap him onto the device. This plan seems shaky. 

Meanwhile, Hippolyta, Ji-Ah and Montrose get surrounded by this group. I was fully expecting a warrior queen Hippolyta moment mixed with some of her fancy lightning powers and Ji-Ah tapping into her murderous fox spirit abilities, but they get captured quick enough.

Ruby chats a bit too much in the tower and Leti realizes she’s Christina morphed into her sister’s body. Christina is such a snake she kept going for gut shots on Leti knowing she’s pregnant. Just when it seemed Leti had the advantage, Christina threw her out of the tower. 

Christina is all set for her Tic sacrifice immortality victory lap and drains his essence. Before he bleeds out, Tic sees Leti and she mouths “I love you.” Instead of responding “I know,” Tic simply smiles through his tears and dies. While Christina pauses to gloat like she’s on the two-yard line before crossing the goal line, Leti stabs her. Ji-Ah uses her tentacles to link Christina and Tic, allowing Leti’s spell to work. 

lovecraft country - full circle review -hippolyta

Leti strolls over to Christina, who’s trapped under altar rubble, and informs her that she’s banished magic from white people. “Magic is ours now.” In some writers’ hands this would have been hokey with almost a knowing wink to Black Girl Magic, but the subtle implications are so much better and if you get it, you get it.

Tic’s death/sacrifice made his final reconciliation with Montrose so much more moving and important in hindsight. His letter for Montrose basically asking him to help Leti raise his son was very touching.

Dee heard a bump in the woods while she was sitting back in the car reading Lovecraft Country. It was a shoggoth, but Tic’s shoggoth — the black one — saved her. Then they take a stroll through the woods and Dee spots Christina calling for help. I don’t remember much interaction with them before, but Dee reveals her cybernetic arm and snaps Christina’s neck while her shoggoth howls at the moon. Well, that’s definitely a way to wrap the season. 

There’s so much to unpack here and so many directions Season 2 could go. A time jump to Leti raising a teenage George with his cousin/sister Diana protecting him on his own adventures. Hippolyta training Diana through time maybe even on a science fiction escapade? Montrose making the most of his second chance with little George and of course the retaliation of the Order looking for payback and a way to steal magic back. And did Christina really kill Ruby or is she just comatose like William?

lovecraft country - full circle review -leti

Also, Ji-Ah had a vision of Tic in bed with a woman that was not Leti. If we’ll play along that this happened before he met Leti is it possible that there’s another Freeman child that has an equal share of the magic birthright? Maybe that boy isn’t our last hope…

Seriously, if I’m HBO, I’m texting over the details and budget increase for season 2 right now. 

That was an amazing ride and hopefully it’s not done yet. Lovecraft Country was exactly the kind of show that was needed in 2020 more than any other year in recent memory. It dealt with so many high end concepts and crossed various genres successfully while casting a unique look at race, privilege and the endless quest for power. 

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: HBO