DC Comics reviews 10/20/20 – Batman #101, The Robin King #1

Teen Titans #46


Teen Titans might be the most frustrating DC title going right now. Finally freed of the ill-fitting let’s make the Teen Titans psychopaths who mind-control their teammates, brainwash villains, lock them up in their own penal system and occasionally kill them the title is on a better path just as it’s approaching cancellation.

Who knew the secret to the success of the Teen Titans was to actually have them act as teenagers that do simple superhero stuff like fight bad guys and then chill out playing video games and have fun at the fair? It’s a real shame as even with just a small four member team of Kid Flash, Crush, Roundhouse and Red Arrow the chemistry on display this issue shows this approach to the team would have worked.

Writer Robbie Thompson is able to spend time with Wallace and Emiko’s budding attraction while Crush and Roundhouse bond over video games. And it was a fun read largely because there wasn’t this massive pull to make the Teen Titans go so far against character and just embrace them for who they are. Speaking of, Superboy Jonathan Kent made an appearance and it ironically showed how he would be a better fit with this team than the Legion.

Jesus Merino has a non-flashy, tell the story effectively style that is probably underrated, but it’s useful for any title in need of artistic continuity. There’s been so much upheaval with so many aspects of the team and Merino is the kind of dependable artist who could have kept his end up to stabilize things.

I enjoyed this issue a lot as Thompson doesn’t have to go against the grain with the characters and can just put them in an organic environment that always works well for the Teen Titans. It’s too bad that lesson seems to have been learned a little too late.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics