Marvel Legends Warpath figure review – Build-A-Figure Strong Guy wave

It’s crazy to think of Warpath as a longtime X-Men character. He’s been around ever since James Proudstar sought revenge on the X-Men for getting his brother, Thunderbird, killed. He’s been a long-serving member of X-Force through various incarnations and is a character that definitely warrants multiple figures in a Marvel Legends lineup.

Way back in their early days of keeping the 6-inch line alive, Hasbro released a covert ops X-Force version Warpath. Now we’re getting the classic Rob Liefeld/Greg Capullo version to get us closer to completing the most extreme X-Men squad of the 90s.  Let’s see if this figure send me on the warpath…

Packaging:  The recent highlight for me with the 2020 packaging has been the artwork by David Nakayama, who has such a terrific style and a great sense of each character he draws capturing them in iconic, character appropriate shots.

marvel legends warpath figure review - package bio

Warpath’s bio is fine, but I never understand why Hasbro writers don’t include team affiliation in the write-ups.

Likeness:  Warpath is a big massive dude and his figure’s mass is impressive. He looks the part of X-Force’s heavy hitter. The shoulder pads are big, but not too obnoxious. His gold bracelets are a good scale and the fringe on his boots is very well done.

marvel legends warpath figure review - wide shot

I hate the head sculpt however. It makes him look sad and old like he’s more Tonto than a young, prime of his life mutant. The head looks like the sculptor was going for focused and determined, but then the framing of the hair and the dour expression make him look more like he’s going on 60.

marvel legends warpath figure review - with thunderbird

Maybe a yelling expression would have worked better? It’s weird since other Warpath figures and the recent Thunderbird figure have featured great likenesses. This one is a big miss for me.

Paint:  I’ve always liked the Thunderbird/Warpath color scheme and it’s reflected nicely with this figure especially with the tan skin tone Hasbro used. The line work is clean with the torso insignia, which is tricky with this kind of ripped chest.

Scale:  Warpath is one of the taller Marvel Legends figures befitting his stature in the comics. His base is the Omega Red figure, a great choice for larger scale characters like Warpath although he actually could be a little bit taller since Liefeld and Capullo typically drew him taller than Cable.

Articulation:  Beware the pads! Yes they look cool for that linebacker look, but turns out they’re not very practical for figure posing.

marvel legends warpath figure review - ready for battle with x-force

They come off so it’s not the end of the world. Beyond that you should be able to get some fun poses out of this guy as X-Force’s heavy hitter.

marvel legends warpath figure review - running


I wish his arms were a tad longer to give him just a bit more range though as they seem slightly short for his primary attack style of punching dudes out.

marvel legends warpath figure review - vs juggernaut

My figure had a super weak left shin so it’s not very stable. That’s annoying and one of those quality control issues that likely comes from cranking out 100-plus figures a year.

marvel legends warpath figure review - wide stance

Warpath has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle


marvel legends warpath figure review - x-force vs sauron

Accessories:  Warpath comes with swappable clutching hands, which hypothetically you could use for knives if you wanted more of his modern weapons.

marvel legends warpath figure review - accessories in tray

Additionally, he comes with the right leg for the Build-A-Figure Strong Guy.

marvel legends warpath figure review - with domino and shatterstar

Worth it?  Warpath has the larger than average size in his favor and is the standard $20 price point, but I wish he had something else particularly an alternate head sculpt.

Rating:  7 out of 10

After loving Thunderbird, I was surprised that Warpath as so underwhelming but that gimpy knee, old man head sculpt and restrictive shoulder pads hold him down a bit. He is useful for completing X-Force though and he looks better in group shots than on his own.

marvel legends warpath figure review - with cable, domino, boom boom, shatterstar and cannonball

Where to get it?  The Deadpool wave is starting to become more prominent on shelves now. I’ve seen it multiple times at both Target and Walmart. You can also get him from Amazon or from Entertainment Earth.