WWE Elite #70 Vince McMahon figure review

Oh the naïve days when I just thought Vince McMahon was just another WWF talking head and not the crazy out of touch old man he is today. For WWE Elite 70, Mattel brings us a Vince from the Rock n Wrestling era when he was hyping Hulkamania and getting verbally beaten down by Jesse The Body.  Let’s see if this Vince figure is good stuff, pally.

Packaging:  This is the usual Elite packaging with the dominant white with red and grey accent colors.

I love the tongue in cheek bio with Vince’s signature line although I think it’s a little silly to stick with the modern Mr. McMahon tag throughout.

Likeness:  Since incorporating the True FX facial scanning on figures, Mattel’s WWE likenesses have gotten a lot better. But for whatever reason this Vince likeness is off. After looking at the figure and reference pics of Vince longer than I’d like to admit I think it’s the pursed lips and the nose, which should be broader and shorter.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review - wide shot

The lips give Vince almost a sinister, sneaky expression like he’s hiding something besides The Hulkster’s vitamins. It lacks the warm, inviting look of a young Vince. That seems to be what’s throwing off the likeness for me.

I wish there was some way Mattel could incorporate the textured fabric of Vince’s 80s suit jacket, which isn’t slick and sleek like his modern day suits. Vince also tended to wear his suit jackets open to show off the vest. Mattel tends to use the buttoned up version for easier reuse, but Mattel should really mix that up at this point.


Scale:  I’m positive Vince has a clause in his deal that demands he’s the tallest figure in the line beyond the giants. His figures are always absurdly too tall/ripped.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review -with mr. mcmahon

He’s only 6’1” and should definitely be looking up at the 6’7” Hulk Hogan. He’s actually taller and looks ridiculous. At least I can ignore that by keeping him seated most of the time.

Paint:  There’s not a ton here, but what we do have is solid from the WWE tampo and the line work on the shirt collar.

Mattel got the right blend of Vince’s brown hair, which frequently looked black on TV.

Articulation:  This is announcer Vince. He just needs to hold a mic and sit down at the announcer booth. Anything else beyond that is a happy, but unnecessary bonus since he wasn’t getting physically involved at this point in his career.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review - on commentary with the brain

Vince McMahon has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

Accessories:  Vince actually comes with one of the cooler accessories we’ve gotten from Mattel in a long time — a mini-interview platform. Back in the days, the stars would talk with Mean Gene on the stage in the arena during TV tapings.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review - mean gene interviewing macho man and elizabeth

Occasionally that would result in some cool angle. It’s a very nice accessory despite not being fully to scale. If you could get two of these next to each other that would just about do it.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review - interviewing hulk hogan

McMahon also comes with a set of open hands. Since he only needs one hand to hold the mic, I’ll definitely go with one of those for Vince’s grand sweeping gestures after hyping up the latest edition of Superstars.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review - accessories in tray

And finally he comes with the classic WWF style WWE mic. While I’ve got a few of these, I appreciate not having to borrow Mean Gene or The Fink’s.

Worth it?  I got Vince for $15. This is the ideal price point for this line as in most cases the accessories are on the smaller side and there’s heavy reuse with the figure.

Rating: 8 out of 10

The goofy McMahon height issue strikes again. Hopefully I can find a pair of grey pants to donate to the make Vince shorter fund.

wwe elite vince mcmahon figure review - main pic

Where to get it?  I found him at Wal-Mart, but that might be trickier these days. For safety’s sake, your best bet might be Amazon.