DC Comics reviews 10/27/20 – Detective Comics #1029, Batman Three Jokers #3

Dark Nights Death Metal Rise of the New God #1

dark knights death metal rise of the new god #1

Rise of the New God is a Dark Night’s Death Metal tie-in that feels like an attempt to get some Death Metal content out this week.

The biggest development in this James Tynion IV written special is The Batman Who Laughs finally makes his move against Perpetua. That’s the backdrop as a new character, The Chronicler, attempts to gain all the information about this multiverse before its destruction.

This takes The Chronicler across some familiar locations and conversations with some necessary characters. Tynion does his usual good character work, but he’s kind of hamstrung by not being able to do anything significant to advance the story with no obvious payoff.

Jesus Merino’s art is as reliable as always. Merino does a terrific job making TBWL terrifying.

Even if The Chronicler becomes an important character this wasn’t the most essential tie-in and felt more like a placeholder.

Rating: 5 out of 10