Pre-order the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Flashpoint Batman, Nightwing and Red Hood figures

McFarlane Toys has been surprisingly prolific with its DC Multiverse offerings this year. They’ve released an impressive slate of offerings. While the offerings have skewed predominantly towards Batman the figures at least look incredible.

Two of the newer figures are now up for pre-order with the highly anticipated Flashpoint Batman, Red Hood and the New 52 repaint Nightwing.

dc multiverse flashpoint batman_01
In an attempt to alter the course of history, The Flash traveled back in time to save his mother’s life. This, however, resulted in the crisis-level event known as Flashpoint, rippling across time and changing the world as we knew it for the worse. In this alternate timeline, Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne survived their deadly encounter in Crime Alley years ago, but their young son Bruce was killed instead.

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Driven by the death of his son, Thomas became Batman—though, this Dark Knight is far deadlier and more ruthless than the vigilante hero his son would have become.

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DC Comics Battle Scene Multipack - Nightwing Vs. Red Hood

Dick Grayson began his crime-fighting career as the original Robin — Batman’s protégé and crime-fighting partner. An expert acrobat and skilled fighter, Dick eventually left the nest and ventured out on his own as a new hero called Nightwing. His childhood experiences as a circus acrobat and trapeze artist make him extremely agile. He is a superior fighter and a highly skilled martial artist who has been personally trained by Batman. Nightwing is a keen detective, a natural leader, and a strategist with advanced knowledge of a variety of technologies.

DC Comics Battle Scene Multipack - Nightwing Vs. Red Hood running

Red Hood is a name and identity that has been used by various heroes and villains over the years. The current and best-known Red Hood is Jason Todd, a fierce hand-to-hand combatant and vigilante crime-fighter who was once Batman’s second heroic apprentice called Robin. He has a complicated relationship with both his former mentor, Batman, and the original Robin, Dick Grayson.

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Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys