Hasbro Fan First Friday: New Marvel Legends revealed, up for pre-order

As part of the triple play Fan First Friday, Hasbro broke down some new figures. As usual, retailers leaked these Thursday night but it’s always nice to see them spotlighted properly.

The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was fully broken down with debuting looks of Peter Parker, The Prowler and Frog-Man. Hasbro suggested there will be future Into the Spider-Verse figures to come so Kingpin, Green Goblin and Peni Parker are still on the table.

This wave’s Build-a-Figure, Stilt-Man also comes with a gun and a briefcase.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case - Stilt-Man Series

You can pre-order The BAF Stilt Man wave from Entertainment Earth. Here’s the individual listings as well from Amazon:

Gwen Stacy

Hand Ninja

Frog Man

Miles Morales

Peter Parker

The Prowler


Hasbro also showed the Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos. Previously they revealed Thanos in the rendering stages at Pulse Con so it’s nice to see him all together.



You can grab Thanos now at Entertainment Earth. He’s also available for pre-order at Target.


We also got the final reveal of the Powers of X/House of 10 wave with Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine. The final figure is Omega Sentinel, an all new sculpted figure.

Hasbro also showed a new addition to the Bring on the Bad guys wave — The A.I.M. Scientist Supreme. For the final tease Hasbro showed a preview of its upcoming MODOK figure.

Hasbro Pulse Fan First Fridays Marvel Event Three - YouTube - Google Chrome 11132020 25935 PM

In a very brief Q&A section, Hasbro revealed more troop builders are on the way in 2021, other non-MCU figures are a possibility and 2021 will see more theme waves like the Age of Apocalypse and House of X.

Photo Credit: Hasbro