The Mandalorian: Chapter 11 – The Heiress review S2 E3

This week’s episode really made me glad I took my brother and cousin’s advice to finish watching Clone Wars and Rebels. The Heiress probably would have been just as fun regardless since one of the series top directors — Bryce Dallas Howard — handled it, but a wider knowledge of the Star Wars landscape from the animated series definitely didn’t hurt.

It also showed the extent of the collaboration between series writer Jon Favreau and co-executive producer Dave Filoni. It’s exciting seeing Star Wars evolve into this vast shared universe between properties in a way it’s never done before.


With The Mandalorian and Season 7 of The Clone Wars in particular we’re seeing a connected storyline that’s taking decades to fully play out.

One of the best aspects of this season so far is the variety of landscapes Mando and The Child are exploring. The sea town of Trask was a major visual difference from the desert of Mos Pelgo and the snowy planet from last week.

There was a great amount of humor in this episode starting off with Mando’s nearly successful crash landing.


The Frog Lady reunites with her husband, who recommends checking the inn for intel on more Mandalorians. That works, but not in the way Mando intended as his leads try to kill him to steal his armor. This Beskar armor has almost been more trouble than it’s worth since it seems like every other episode someone’s trying to steal it.

This trap does lead him to a trio of Mandalorians, who save him from the trap. It’s refreshing seeing the main hero constantly needing assistance and not being able to handle every problem on his own.


These just aren’t any Mandalorians though as their leader is none other than Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff, The Flash) and she’s looking for her Dark Saber. That’s currently in the possession of Moff Gideon, who’s not trying to give that Mandalorian status symbol up just yet.

Bo-Katan offers to get Mando to the Jedi if he helps her, Koska Reeves (WWE star Sasha Banks) and Ax Woves (Simon Kassianides, Agents of SHIELD) take over an Imperial frigate full of weapons that could aid her cause. The frigate’s commander was played by Titus Welliver so it was a great episode for strong cameos.


It was also super impressive watching a squad of Mandalorians doing their thing in battle. Howard continues to make these TV show battles look every bit as blockbuster quality as the movies and there’s no drop off from either medium.

I loved the idea raised here that Mando is part of a section of Mandalorian traditionalists that stick to old school values like never taking their helmets off. And it’s interesting knowing Bo-Katan is actually right instead of our main character.



There was some redemption for The Child, who made a bit of a heel turn last week as he basically tried to wipe out an entire race thanks to the munchies. He quickly learned to appreciate the tadpoles hatching from the eggs.


Bo-Katan is true to her word and tells Mando how to find the Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka and Bo-Katan go way back and it makes sense that they’d still be in contact. Oh yeah. Next episode can’t get here soon enough.


This was a great episode on all levels as The Mandalorian continues to weave its title character into the main fabric of the Star Wars saga.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+