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DC Comics reviews 11/17/20 – Batman #103, Dark Nights Death Metal #5

Justice League #57

justice league #57

Nightwing leads his team of Justice Leaguers (and Lex Luthor) to complete the last part of their mission — retrieving the Legion of Doom from the watch of the Omega Knight. The only problem is the LOD isn’t exactly thrilled to see their former teammate after he betrayed them to side with Perpetua. But none of that will matter if the Omega Knight has its way.

Writer Joshua Williamson has centered this arc around Nightwing, who’s in an unusual state in his life after finally regaining his memory and helping Batman defeat The Joker. It’s an interesting place for Dick Grayson and this issue, Williamson reveals what actually led Nightwing to take part and subsequently lead this team.

Thankfully Williamson didn’t let Luthor sweet talk his way back into the good graces of his former allies right away. He’s going to have to work to regain their trust or at least a larger portion of the prize if they realign with him.

Xermanico’s art seemed somewhat rushed this issue and not as polished as in earlier issues. Still, there’s some nice pages and action sequences particularly in showing Sinestro’s constructs and Nightwing’s acrobatic fighting style.

As expected, this issue wraps the Justice League portion of the Death Metal tie-in with the story picking up in this week’s Death Metal #5. This was a fun side quest, which is becoming a specialty for Nightwing with Dark Nights spin-offs.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10