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The Justice League gets united in new Snyder Cut trailer

I’ve rewatched all of the Zack Snyder films, but this week’s rewatch of Justice League felt a little different. There’s something about watching all of the films back to back that shows the weaknesses of the theatrical version of the film.

I still enjoyed the films, but it’s easier picking out the obvious scenes Joss Whedon directed this time. That said, my excitement for the Snyder Cut of Justice League has grown exponentially.

darkseid in snyder cut justice league

Today, Snyder released a new trailer of his Snyder Cut. I wasn’t a huge fan of going all black and white for the full 2:30 seconds, but there was plenty of cool reveals all the same.


The one thing that just doesn’t look like it’s going to improve and at least one fix Whedon addressed is Cyborg’s costume. It looks every bit as clunky and badly designed as it did originally. I’ll happily plunk down $20 or so for CGI enhancements to make that outfit look better.

So what do you think of the new trailer?

Photo Credit: Zack Snyder