NECA Aliens Rebecca Jordan Newt figure review – 2016 SDCC exclusive

Newt completely went against the grain for action movies. She wasn’t an annoying brat and in a lot of ways was more competent in evading the xenomorphs than the Colonial Marines. No respective Aliens fan could have a display without Newt. It took me a little longer than I’d like, but now I finally have Rebecca joining Ripley and the rest of the gang.

Packaging:  NECA always puts such great effort into their packaging that the care to the presentation is obvious. I really like the clamshell setup for this line even if requires completely destroying the package to get the figure out.

The sides feature various portraits of the figure and accessories.

I still hate the generic bio on the back, which doesn’t mention Newt at all.

Likeness:  I really like the headsculpt. I can almost hear Newt saying they come out at night…mostly.

neca aliens newt figure review - wide shot

Her expression has that concern that works in a number of situations such as being in the drainage system, hearing the Marines’ strategy and in the xenomorph’s lair.

The work on Newt’s hair is also very well done with a good amount of details for the strands.  Newt’s outfit turned out great with the baggier shirt complete with rips and holes and the textured overalls — the denim approximation is fantastic.

neca aliens newt figure review - pant rips close up

Just as impressive are the scars on her knees from crawling around in the tunnels.

Scale:  Newt is scaled properly against Ripley and the Colonial Marines. She’s a second-grader and shouldn’t look like a shrunken adult.

neca aliens newt figure review - scale with hicks and ripley


Paint:  Newt’s paintwork is clumpy especially around her hands. The work around her face is a bit thick, but not too bad although it looks like the paint and her right eyebrow aren’t matched up. That’s more of a close up thing that’s not obvious from a distance.

I really like how her overalls get increasingly dirty past her waist like she was crawling or wading in dirty water. The scars and blood stains aren’t perfect, but given the depth and limited space, I’m more impressed that NECA made the effort.

neca aliens newt figure review - looking up

Articulation:  Newt doesn’t have a ton of articulation. It’s not like she’s taking a machine gun to the xenomorphs. Her legs do move up high enough to hold onto Ripley while she’s getting her out of the Aliens’ lair.

neca aliens newt figure review - with bishop, ripley, hicks, hudson and vasquez

Newt has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

Accessories:  This is the 2016 San Diego Comic Con exclusive version so she’s stacked with accessories.

neca aliens newt figure review - with all accessories

Newt has the Colonial Marine helmet she was given by one of the surviving Marines. She also has her school Citizenship Award, the flashlight from Ripley and the head of her Casey doll.

The scale of all of these accessories is dead on with the helmet being oversized and Casey’s head being the right size for a doll.

neca aliens newt figure review - holding doll head

Worth it?  Newt wasn’t super cheap, but I got her for under $35, which is OK for an older figure that’s a con exclusive.

Rating:  8 out of 10

neca aliens newt figure review - with ripley

Where to get it?  Outside of eBay, Amazon is your best bet for this one.