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DC Comics reviews 11/24/20 – The Other History of the DC Universe #1, Wonder Woman #767

The Flash #766

the flash #766

Kevin Shinick’s initial Flash arc wraps with a satisfying conclusion to the Dr. Alchemy storyline.

Dr. Alchemy is fighting through the other past users of the Philosophy Stone and needs Flash’s help to build a better version.  But can Flash truly trust one of his more dangerous foes?

Shinick does a nice job of incorporating other DC characters in an organic way that feels less like a stunt cameo and more a typical day in the life of a superhero. One of my few problems with Shinick’s run has been the gal Friday approach to Iris. This issue, Shinick portrays Iris more like Barry’s stabilizing force instead of an accessory.

Will Conrad’s art was outstanding. I love the level of detail he pours into every panel and page. Flash is a tricky character to properly convey his speed and motion. While Conrad isn’t 100% successful on that front the quality of his art overcomes any issues showing off Flash’s powers.

Like most DC titles that aren’t getting cancelled, The Flash has a soft ending in advance of the Endless Winter event and the Future State two month special. We’re heading into a very unique period for DC Comics, but Flash fans at least got a fun arc before the hiatus.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10