Image Comics reviews 11/25/20 – Department of Truth #3, Undiscovered Country #10

Killadelphia #10


Killadelphia is increasingly feeling like a vampire spin on Hamilton only this time the minorities aren’t just playing the role of the founding fathers, but carving out their independence with a violent reckoning.

In this issue writer Rodney Barnes largely focused on Topper, a slave that fought for the Confederate army and earned his freedom. Topper took his family to the frontier and enjoyed a quiet life until tragedy struck. Barnes has found a way to make these remorseless and killer vampires sympathetic.

Jason Shawn Alexander crafts these jarring and striking pages with memorable action sequences. Luis Nct doesn’t use a wide color palette, but his restraint makes the pages that much more powerful.

Killadelphia is such an amazing title and this creative team continues to be a can’t miss read.

Rating: 9 out of 10