Image Comics reviews 11/25/20 – Department of Truth #3, Undiscovered Country #10

The Scumbag #2


Scumbag is the most ridiculous, hilarious book out these days. It’s hard to describe a character like Ernie, who is so utterly repugnant with absolutely no redeeming value.

Throwing him into a scenario where he’s responsible for saving the world from a group of radical nut jobs intent on getting America back to its good old days. They’re the only group writer Rick Remender could create to make Ernie look better in comparison.

Artist Andrew Robinson makes his pages so much fun with the lively energetic flow and expressive nature of Ernie’s decidedly unheroic postured paired with heroes like Sister Mary.

Remender’s script is hilarious and it’s rare for consecutive pages to go without some unexpected laugh.

This book continues to be a surprise and very funny. I love that this book is unlike anything else on the shelves and is such a much needed jolt of fun and big time laughs.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10