Image Comics reviews 11/25/20 – Department of Truth #3, Undiscovered Country #10

Undiscovered Country #10


Undiscovered Country has a wide appeal, but for Lost fans it probably hits a little closer as this is the closest thing since the ABC phenomena in comic book form.

Writers Scott Snyder and Charles Soule have done their part in establishing the framework so now they can dig deeper into the zones and how their original plan led to another divided United States.

Charlotte and Daniel help defend Unity from an attack from another zone as Ace and Valentina make a shocking discovery on their ride through the ocean.

Snyder and Soule have set up a fantastic layer of unpredictability so it’s hard to jump ahead of the story whether in the action sequences or the payoff to Ace and Valentina’s exploration. The fun here is not knowing what’s about to happen from one page to the next.

Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli tackles some creative characters and adversaries this issue while retaining the flow and tone of the various zones. The widescreen moments are Camuncoli’s speciality, but the close up moments with the characters is an underrated aspect of his pages. Matt Wilson’s colors hit the mark well in distinguishing between the various zones and the flashback sequences.

This title continues to provide some unexpected thrills, character twists and innovative sequences. If you haven’t started, how’s the time to discover this fascinating title.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics