The Mandalorian: Chapter Thirteen – The Jedi review

The Jedi marks a major moment in the Star Wars saga. It probably won’t be as meaningful to Star Wars fans who haven’t watched The Clone Wars or Rebels. If you’re in the latter category, there’s no shame in that provided you dive in to some of the best stories of the saga ASAP.

There’s no more delays with this one as the episode kicks off with Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) tearing through a military guard. A magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto), has overrun the village and Ahsoka wants the whereabouts of her master.

the mandalorian the jedi review - ahsoka tano

Morgan’s right hand man, Lang, is the one and only Michael Biehn so we get Ahsoka and Hicks in one episode. Course in his context as a gunslinger it probably makes more sense to refer to him as Johnny Ringo.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dave Filoni wrote and directed this episode. He’s guided Ahsoka’s journey through Clone Wars and Rebels and it just made sense for him to handle her live-action debut. As a given with a Filoni script there’s tons of Clone Wars references and even a Rebels Easter Egg.


This won’t impact newcomers’ enjoyment of the episode, but again just head to the Star Wars section of Disney+, click on Clone Wars and let it ride.

The Child is growing stronger with the force and happily ignoring orders while using his abilities. Mando takes a quiet stroll through the village and Morgan offers him a beskar spear if he kills her.

Mando heads out to a desolate area that certainly gives off a Dagobah vibe and we learn the full measure of Beskar as Ahsoka straight up attacks him and the armor holds up.

the mandalorian the jedi review - ahsoka tano, grogu and mando

After watching at least 100 episodes of Ahsoka in the shows it was so cool actually seeing her in live action.

Dawson was a terrific casting choice and the design didn’t lose anything in the translation to live action right down to the two sizes lightsabers.


After putting away her weapon upon learning Mando means her no harm, Ahsoka wants to learn more about The Child. She ends up dropping a major bombshell by revealing his name is Grogu, and he was training at The Jedi Temple.

Who got him out of harm’s way during the attack on the temple is another mystery. Grogu has limited his Force use for survival and Ahsoka considers Mando’s request to train him.


First they’ve got to take care of The Magistrate. The layout of this fight was great with Morgan holding her own against Ahsoka while Mando takes on the gunslinger and the guards. Mando is Lang’s huckleberry. 

Still, a Jedi eventually can overcome even the finest beskar weapon and Ahsoka asks again about Morgan’s master — Grand Admiral Thrawn. Whoa! I may have misspoke. If these names don’t immediately get you hyped you really should binge Clone Wars and Rebels over the weekend.


Ahsoka won’t train Grogu, but suggests Mando take him to another location that could help him find his own path and a Jedi willing to train him. Oh man, I wish Ahsoka knew about Luke right now…

Alright there’s a lot to unpack here. We get The Child’s name, Ahsoka debuts, Thrawn is still alive and Mando has a new quest.

the mandalorian the jedi review - ahsoka tano vs the magistrate

That’s an eventful episode and as we near the end of this season there’s plenty of directions for the series to head. It’s clear whichever way Filoni and showrunner Jon Favreau go it will be incredible.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+