DC Comics reviews 12/1/20 – Batman Catwoman #1, Justice League Endless Winter #1

Batman Catwoman #1

batman catwoman #1

For longtime Batman fans that grew frustrated with Tom King’s run in the title, Batman Catwoman #1 isn’t going to win them over. Even some of King’s biggest fans might struggle to get excited with this debut issue.

King is a writer who has a grand plan for his series and sometimes forgets to make the destination accessible to readers. Typically, King gets his arcs and mini-series off to a strong start before they start losing momentum midway through.

Batman Catwoman is different as King skips ahead to the convoluted, hard to follow portion of his arc right away.

The story takes part over various time periods with King in no great hurry to explain clearly. This is most confusing during a segment when Bruce Wayne is chatting with an old friend and breaks the news that Alfred is dead before the next page cuts to Bruce and Selina Kyle in bed. Another sequence follows a much older Catwoman reconnecting with an old acquaintance.

King throws in a Joker appearance as well as the arrival of a memorable character from Batman the Animated Series.

Clay Mann provides the art, which ensures if nothing else Batman Catwoman will be a nicely drawn book. Mann draws a sexy Catwoman, but his Joker really captures his unhinged and deranged side.

Tomeu Morey’s color work is striking with the death pale skin tone of a Joker victim to the subtle traces of blood and dirt.
If this first issue was an indication, Batman Catwoman is going to be a lot of style over substance.

Rating: 5 out of 10