DC Comics reviews 12/1/20 – Batman Catwoman #1, Justice League Endless Winter #1

DCeased Dead Planet #6

dceased dead planet #6

As much as I enjoyed DCeased, its sequel has somehow managed to be even better. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Trevor Hairsine have crafted an event book that has done a spectacular job of raising the stakes without ever fully extinguishing the glimmer of hope that the heroes can overcome the increasingly terrible odds.

This chapter finds Penguin and Professor Ivo launch their army of Amazos to wipe out the undead just as Cyborg has uncovered a cure that actually works? Taylor manages to offer hope and take it away in a way that feels like the proper ebb and flow of a major event. It’s wild how he’s operated in this pocket corner of the DCU while regularly delivering amazing stories like the DCeased and Injustice franchises.

Hairsine’s storytelling style is such a tremendous fit for this series. It always feels like Hairsine approaches pages like a horror movie director with a focus on maximizing the tension and emotions of the moments. Rain Beredo sets the tone with exceptional color choices that capture the darkness and crushing feel of the story mixed with bright colors for a symbolic feel of hope.

There’s plenty of surprises, reveals and betrayals this issue with Taylor paying off that Constantine quest subplot in a logical way that opens the door for a smart conclusion to the series. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this series, but hopefully this creative team has some ideas for the next grand adventure.

Rating: 10 out of 10