The Mandalorian: Chapter 14 – The Tragedy review S2 E6

Last week set a high bar for The Mandalorian and The Tragedy came real close to clearing it.

At 14 episodes in, it’s probably too early for me to start proclaiming this one of my favorite series, but The Mandalorian just might be the chosen one with more episodes like this one.

Mando is hilariously now acting like a proud father who learns his son is a sports prodigy. He’s somewhat excited about taking Grogu to Tithin to communicate with another Jedi. Bad news for Mando though. Someone’s already made off with the monlith…

“Does this look Jedi to you?” I love Mando’s complete lack of comprehension about The Force and the Jedi. There’s no Jedi showing up yet even when Grogu gets into his Force focus cone, but we do have a return of another major fan favorite as Slave-1 arrives in the distance.


Boba Fett? Where? Right here. No more fake-outs or teases, Mando officially meets Boba Fett. The adoration screenwriter Jon Favreau has for George Lucas’ two trilogies might never be more obvious from this Boba line: I’m just a simple man making my way through the galaxy like my father before me.

I’m not gonna bother or worry about how Boba survived the Sarlaac. Maybe that’s a story for a Boba Fett spinoff? Boba’s not alone and has Fennec with him. This is in keeping with his father’s example of teaming with Zam and Boba’s training with Aurra Sing in Clone Wars. It doesn’t hurt that Fennec is a crack shot either.


Boba wants his armor and as usual, Mando explains he’s not handing over any armor. Before this debate gets fully settled a squad of Stormtroopers arrive.

Robert Rodriguez directed this one as Jon Favreau continues playing to the strengths of the various directors. Rodriguez is all about the action and he almost made Stormtroopers seem competent…right up until Boba Fett broke out his new mace spear that obliterated their armor.

And this was before he pulled his armor from the Razorcrest. Then it was really on. Fennec was no slouch either. Ming-Na Wen is a certified badass as seen on practically every episode of Agents of SHIELD and I will happily sign on for a Boba Fett/Fennec spinoff.


While the Stormtroopers quickly get overwhelmed, Moff Gideon earns his main villain status by arriving in his cruiser and blowing up the Razorcrest. Now Hasbro needs to make splintering parts another feature of the HasLabs Razorcrest vehicle.

Even worse, four Death Troopers launch and snatch Grogu. So there’s the answer about how you gain the high ground on a Mandalorian. Launch your robot drones from your space cruiser.

Boba and Fennec feel obligated to help Mando get Grogu back, but he needs a bit more help. Time to get Cara’s help in breaking Mayfeld out of prison since he was a former Stormtrooper sharpshooter.

While his aim might be suspect, Mayfeld’s intel should be useful for the great breakout. And with Cara, Boba and Fennec they might have enough to take on Gideon’s crew. But why stop there? Let’s grab Cobb Vanth too.

Gideon is amused by Grogu using the Force more aggressively to batter a pair of Stormtroopers and taunts him with the dark saber before letting another Stormtrooper stun him. Breaking news: it only took one shot, Jim.


We’re setting up some things here. Mando could easily call in Bo-Katan and her crew as well as Ahsoka, but what about the Jedi yet to answer Grogu’s call? There’s so many possibilities with this season and the way things are playing out it seems real hard that any would be disappointing. Is it next Friday yet?

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+