New images of WWE Elite 83, Flashback Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine and Triple H

To wrap up 2020, Mattel had another WWE Elite Squad video event with Sam Roberts, Johnny Gargano and Candace LaRae breaking down their Top 10 favorite figures.

This countdown was interesting as some of the list, including the No. 1 choices, weren’t widely available as the figures haven’t landed at retail yet. But the coolest part was the reveal of some new figures coming in 2021 including one we haven’t seen before.


wwe basic 117 full set

Toni Storm gets the variant in this set with a red paint job.

wwe basic 117 toni storm chase

They’ve just about got her head sculpt down, but I think the pouty expression isn’t the best choice.

Wrekkin Slam The Rock – The Great One gets his first vehicle and while it’s slightly undersized, it’s a nice accessory and addition to the line.

WWE Elite 83

Dusty Rhodes

wwe elite 83 dusty rhodes


wwe elite 83 - close up edge

Sasha Banks

wwe elite 83 sasha banks

King Corbin

wwe elite 83 baron corbin

I really like the choice of this Michael Hayes as it provides the mold for a very simple Mid-South/UWF Ted DiBiase conversion.

wwe elite 83 michael hayes

You can pre-order the full set at Entertainment Earth.

On the sneak peak rendering setup, we get a tease of Kama in his Million Dollar Corporation gear. This is a Target exclusive.

wwe elite flashback kama

Elite 86 Triple H with his Summerslam 98 gear and a chase in red and yellow.

Photo Credit: Mattel