Check out the AEW Unrivaled Wave 3 packaged photos

Wave 2 of AEW Unrivaled hasn’t arrived in stores yet (ha ha), but we got packaged photos of the third series featuring PAC, Darby Allen, Orange Cassidy, Riho and The Young Bucks.

PAC and Darby Allen look good although I’m struggling to see the difference with PAC’s second head sculpt.

It’s impressive the Young Bucks have new head sculpts with their second set of figures. That in itself is enough to justify buying them again, but the new attire is also pretty sweet.


Riho feels like an odd choice considering she’s been off of AEW TV since the pandemic began. Dr. Britt Baker probably would have made for a better choice since she’s been a fixture of the TV shows since AEW started.

Orange Cassidy might possibly be the most well engineered wrestling figure in a very long time. The dude can actually put his hands in his pocket!

What do you think of these reveals?

Photo Credit: AEW