Image Comics reviews 12/16/20 – Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #2, Commanders in Crisis #3

Commanders in Crisis #3

commanders in crisis 3

Commanders in Crisis reads like the glory days of the 90s. That magical time when a sea of independent creators trying to come up with the next X-Men, Wolverine or The Punisher breakout stars. There’s a vibrancy to CIC that writer Steve Orlando and artist David Tinto have mastered in a surprisingly short amount of time. Everything feels wide open with endless possibilities as we learn more about the characters.

This issue the team is trying to learn more about the assassination of Empathy, who appears in the form of someone very close to one of the commanders.

Orlando has fun exploring what the world would look like with no one feeling empathy — a depressing reflection of people in 2020. Tinto’s art is superb. His style is so energetic and lively that it feels like something big is about to happen even on pages when characters are just having long discussions. Tinto doesn’t give his characters any wasted movement, which allows them to be very expressive. Franseca Carotenuto’s colors provide the equivalent of a stunning 4K TV. The colors are so rich they pop on every page.

Orlando starts working in layers to this initial arc, which teases plenty of fun and engaging surprises going forward.

This is definitely a title that’s worth following into 2021.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10