Official pics of AEW Unnrivaled wave 3 – Young Bucks, Darby Allen, Orange Cassidy

We got a packaged preview of AEW Unrivaled Wave 3 and now we have the actual promotional pictures with some better glimpses of the lineup.

There’s two chases: Riho and Darby Allen. I’m not loving the idea of chases being a regular fixture of this line, but that ship seems to have long since sailed. I like some aspects of the chase Darby more than the standard figure.

Darby Allen

aew unrivaled 3 - darby allen chase with skateboard

Riho, whose face sculpt doesn’t look that great to me. Maybe it’s one of those deals that look better in person?

aew unrivaled 3 - riho chase


Orange Cassidy

aew unrivaled 3 - orange cassidy posing

The Young Bucks

What do you think of this lineup?

Photo Credit: AEW Twitter