G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #277 review

Larry Hama has been writing G.I. Joe so long as one continual story that this Untold Tales arc has been somewhat revelatory. Hama’s ease in telling one-off stories is making this arc of standalone one of my favorite parts of modern G.I. Joe.

This issue the spotlight falls on Law (and Order), another member of the semi-regular ensemble who doesn’t necessarily get a ton of solo moments.

Set during issue #200, Law and Order are scouring the Joe base to ensure all of the Cobra officers on the Pit invasion have been dispatched. It doesn’t take Law long to find a squad of random Vipers carrying out a contingency plan to wipe out the Joes. Hama always writes fun sequences when a Joe is outnumbered and slowly has to whittle down the Cobra forces.

GIJoeRAH277-interior art

And it’s always interesting seeing how Hama works in the various specialties of the Cobra Vipers.


Hama again delivers fun dialogue that will likely sound very familiar to any pet owner. This is one of the better Joe handler/animal pairings and Hama plays up that unique aspect to their dynamic.

Brian Shearer’s art has a strong flow of movement, which is fitting for an issue with Law and Order tracking down Cobras.

I’m really enjoying this direction of G.I. Joe and Hope Hama does several more of these character spotlights even when the Untold Tales arc is over.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW