IDW reviews 12/30/20 – Transformers: Escape #1, Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #2

Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #2

Hasbro’s foray into Dungeons & Dragons with its Forgotten Realm line has rekindled my interested in the franchise. That makes for the perfect time to get into the new D&D series, At the Spine of the World.

A party of five travelers are trying to stop an endless winter that shows no signs of slowing down. As the weather rages on this issue, the party is being pursued by some larger than life adversaries.

Writers Aimee Garcia and AJ Mendez, the former WWE superstar AJ Lee, sets the second issue up easily for newcomers to quickly catch up to the quest and the characters. This should be a common practice, but is surprisingly not the norm.

d and d at the spine of the world #2 - interior art

Garcia and Mendez gives the characters distinct personalities that don’t always play into the genre tropes and sets up the action with a stellar approach to building suspense.

Martin Coccolo’s artwork is gorgeous and really gives that epic fantasy visual. The quieter atmospheric moments register the chill and uncomfortable nature of trudging through the snow and the action sequences have a real sense of danger. Colorist Katrina Mae Hao also does fantastic work with great hue choices for the snow and bold colors to further make the characters stand out.

This was a very pleasant surprise and a book I plan on keeping a close eye on over the next few months.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10