WWE Elite Viscera figure review – Series #77

After his main event run as King Mabel, there wasn’t a ton of options for the former king yet somehow he still had a presence in the WWF. When The Undertaker started forming his Ministry of Darkness he recruited several of his former rivals and none were bigger than Mabel, who he redubbed Viscera.

Mattel finally seems to be taking a renewed interest in creating more of the Ministry with the latest Christian figure and now the heavy hitter of the faction. Let’s see how the third face of Mabel turned out.

Packaging:  Viscera is part of the Summerslam wave and gets the cool orange and blue color scheme packaging. The sides feature good portraits of Viscera with one close up and the other a wide shot in the ring.

For the bio, Mattel referenced his stint in The Corporate Ministry for the brief stint when the two big heel factions merged. Viscera’s resume is pretty impressive for an era before everyone got a shot with the world title.

Likeness: The makeover to Viscera required a drastic visual change from Mabel. The blonde mohawk was back, but now he wore a long black trench coat with a high collar and gloves.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - wide pic

Mattel did a nice job capturing this look save one thing that’s evident from the right portrait — the gap in his two front teeth. That’s probably something that could have been addressed with some careful paintwork, but it seems odd not to address it at all.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - with king mabel

Mattel nailed the raised collar and the overall bulkiness of the trench coat. He looks impressively massive.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - facing mankind, kane and x-pac

Scale:  Viscera was one of the giants at 6’9″ clocking in at 487 pounds. Mattel got his girth right and he’s still shorter than the 6’10” Undertaker while towering over the 6’2″ Mick Foley/Mankind.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - scale with mankind, kane and x-pac


Paint:  The work on Viscera’s hair is impressive and one of the better platinum blonde looks Mattel has done on a figure. His eyes with the white contacts also turned out very nice.

There’s some paint apps missing with the black lipstick and the silver on the jacket studs is inconsistently done. That’s somewhat surprising from Mattel since they’re normally right on top of their figure painting.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - punching away on kane

Articulation:  At this stage in his career, Viscera wasn’t as athletic as he was during his Mabel heyday. That meant his matches were more about just using his size with splashes, punches and stomps.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - choking x-pac out

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - capo kick to x-pac

No problem with this figure since he can punch and splash just fine. Asking more from a Viscera figure seems to be pushing it and the trench coat isn’t horribly restrictive.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - corner splash to mankind

Viscera has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - steel chair attack to mankind

Accessories: Viscera has two sets of swappable hands. One is the V-shaped hands for his taunt pose and the other are gripping hands. That’s helpful for when he’s in hardcore matches and needs to grab a weapon.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - holding harcore title

Speaking of, he also comes with the Hardcore title. I don’t remember someone else having this, but either way Viscera is my first figure with the title. Mattel did a nice job with the cracked plates and the silver paint doubling as duct tape, which was used to keep the rest in place. It’s a nice belt that will immediately be going to either my Mankind or Road Dogg figures.

Worth it?  I got Viscera for $20. That’s a fair price considering his size, the new sculpting for his trench coat and the hardcore title.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I like that Mattel is working on completing another Attitude Era faction and Viscera was a needed addition to give The Undertaker some much needed backup. Mattel did a pretty good job with the figure besides some paint issues.

wwe elite series 77 viscera figure review - with sdcc undertaker

Where to get it?  Target seems to be the go-to spot for newer WWE figures as Amazon rarely has them at retail price. Entertainment Earth still has Viscera up for pre-order at regular price.