Top 10 Marvel Legends figures of 2020

Not a lot went right last year but we at least got a slew of great Marvel Legends. How great? My Top 10 Marvel Legends list easily could have been a Top 20 and that still doesn’t include some of the figures I just couldn’t get around to opening. That’s the one (?) downside you getting so many offerings in one year. You wallet might have some other thoughts though.

No Honorable Mention, let’s just get right down to it. Brief, side note: I didn’t complete enough Build-A-Figures to make that a fair award, but Sugar Man seemed like the big favorite until I finish Strong Guy at least.

10. Thunderstrike

marvel legends thunderstrike figure review - bringing mace over shoulder

There were so many options for this final spot: In the running was Jocasta, the Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey and the Hellfire Club Guard. In the end, I decided on the Thor stand-in, Thunderstrike. He’s just a nicely done beefy figure that has me hyped to add more of the 90s era Avengers.

9. Falcon

marvel legends falcon figure review -with redwing attached

This is a very good figure and the only reason it’s this low is because it’s not the classic red and white attire for Falcon. Hasbro knocked out the head sculpt and the best bonus? The old Toy Biz Redwing can actually plug into the hole on Falcon’s back. 

8. Moon Knight

marvel legends moon knight figure review - main pic

Hasbro released a pretty good modern Moon Knight, but I’d learned that patience pays off with Marvel Legends and was rewarded this year with an awesome version of the all-white clad vigilante with a few extra personalities. The accessories finished sealing the deal and he looks very cool standing with my other West Coast Avengers. 

7. She-Hulk

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - main shot

This wasn’t my preferred look for She-Hulk, but it’s hard not to appreciate the amazing sculpt and articulation. Hopefully 2021 sees some of this sculpt reused for an Avengers and Fantastic Four version. 

6. Black Widow (Wal-Mart)

marvel legends black widow wal-mart exclusive figure review - main pic

2020 was supposed to be the year of Black Widow, but the pandemic tossed her off the cliff like she was on Vormir with her movie getting delayed and all the cool Marvel Legends movie figures not getting that huge movie boost. At least she got this tremendous Galactic Storm era outfit. Now it’s time for the rest of the vests and leather jacket Avengers crew!

5. Spider-Man (Vintage)

marvel legends retro spider-man figure review - on one knee

Hasbro is going to have to work hard to come up with a way to make a more articulated version of the Web Slinger. This may have been the most fun figure to pose from the ML line in 2020 and he fits in perfectly with the 80th Anniversary figures. The only thing holding him back are those blasted pins that clash with the colors. 

4. War Machine

marvel legends war machine figure review - main pic

This was the version of Rhodey that I’ve wanted ever since Hasbro started cranking out definitive versions of characters over the last two years. War Machine proved worthy of the deluxe treatment with an arsenal of accessories including a vintage 90s head sculpt. Hasbro went all out with him and they ensured I don’t need another classic War Machine again.  

3. Storm

marvel legends storm and thunderbird figure review - storm close up

If you’ve followed my figure reviews for awhile you know I’ve been clamoring for the Giant-Sized Storm for years. We’ve never gotten this look in Marvel Legends and as this is my favorite team of X-Men, I’ve wanted to complete this roster for years. Hasbro made the long wait worth it with a phenomenal figure with pinless joints, two great head sculpts and a rack of worthwhile accessories. Storm was so undeniable she wouldn’t even let being a Target exclusive prevent her from being available to collectors who wanted to track her down. 

2. Kang

marvel legends kang figure review -main pic

I’ve never been satisfied with my Marvel Legends Kang figure. He seemed too scrawny and chump compared to the Avengers figures. With them getting a gradual size increase over the years he looked even smaller. I’m not sure if a figure reveal was any bigger for me from Hasbro than an improved Kang and this figure absolutely delivered thanks to Hasbro taking the time to get his unique look just right. He would have taken the top spot if it wasn’t for a dude who ended the competition early in the year.

1. Dr. Doom

 marvel legends doctor doom figure review - raising arms

It was always gonna be hard for another Marvel Legends figure to claim the top spot from Doom. I’d had the first Hasbro Doom figure on display and with every year he felt progressively less impressive and worthy of the status of Marvel’s best villain. This version? Yeah, one of my favorite Marvel Legends period, let alone of 2020. 

So that’s my Top 10 Marvel Legends figures from 2020. What were some of your favorite figures?