DC comics reviews 1/5/20 – Dark Nights Death Metal #7, Future State kick off

Future State The Flash #1

future state the flash #1

Future State Flash stumbles right out of the blocks by returning to a storyline so many DC writers worked so hard to correct during the Rebirth era — making Wally West a homicidal maniac. This time Dan Didio isn’t to blame for the senseless deaths of fan favorite characters and it’s the first significant misfire in the Future State lineup.

Barry is trying to find a way to restore access to the Speed Force, a repercussion of Wally’s power lust. Before Brandon Vietti even gets going with his story, he’s already killed off Wallace West — not a good look to kill off the one black speedster — and kills another fan favorite.

It all feels too familiar to the disappointing outcome of Heroes in Crisis, which left Wally as a character in shambles. For all the issues I had with that event, writer Tom King was attempting to show the strain and stress of trauma. Here, the deaths are just for shock value and the last thing comic readers need in 2021 is seeing beloved characters getting killed off yet again.

At least Dale Eaglesham’s art is as reliable as ever. His line work and action staging instincts make for a terrific looking read even if it feels so slow beyond Wally’s massacre.

Vietti manages to do a step worse than HIC making for a dismal and bleak read. This is a future that few Flash fans will want to see become a reality and is a major step backwards for one of the flagship DC characters in this new era.

Rating: 2 out of 10