DC comics reviews 1/5/20 – Dark Nights Death Metal #7, Future State kick off

Future State Wonder Woman #1

future state wonder woman #1

Future State Wonder Woman doesn’t feel like any Wonder Woman issue that’s come before it. The verdict is still out if that’s a good thing or not.

Writer/artist Joelle Jones smartly doesn’t just try to redo Wonder Woman with a new character and expect audiences to fall in love with Yara Flor. If this potential future Wonder Woman is going to develop a following to last beyond the Future State/Infinite Multiverse initiative, she needs to be established as her own character instead of reprising Diana’s greatest hits.

Jones also wisely doesn’t waste this first impression with a standard origin story. Yara has already been in the role long enough to have had several adventures and gained enough experience that she’s comfortable in the role. And has learned the ropes…er, lasso long enough to have a frenemy fairy associate and a winged horse with a temper.

Yara has a clear quest outlined, but this was probably a case where the unseen narrator approach isn’t as effective as hearing/reading Yara’s inner thoughts.

One thing that immediately stands out is how Jones draws Yara like she’s Brazilian instead of leaving that up to colorist Jordie Bellaire. From important details like the nose, lips and eyebrows, Yara’s ethnicity is prominent.

Jones is one of DC’s best artists so that’s not shocking and she happily embraces the more fantastical aspects of the Wonder Woman mythos.
Of the numerous Future State offerings, this is one of the easiest recommendations as it features an engaging lead, a lighthearted approach and a sense of unpredictability combined with Jones’ amazing art.

DC clearly has high hopes for Yara as her post Future State appearance has already been revealed and she’s being focused on a new CW series. This is a great introduction and more importantly makes the case that a handful of issues won’t be enough time spent with this new Wonder Woman.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10