WWE Elite Don Muraco figure review – Survivor Series

I feel like this Elite version of Don ‘The Rock’ Muraco would have been much different if I reviewed him before Mattel’s Ultimate Edition and Jazwares’ AEW line. As is, I’m not exactly feeling like this guy is all that magnificent.

Packaging:  Muraco was part of the Survivor Series Walmart exclusive line. Mattel always does an excellent job with specialized packaging. I like the darker red and blues used here.

The portrait on the side is nice and captures The Rock’s intensity. His bio covers all that’s needed for this Survivor Series theme.

wwe elite don muraco figure review - wide shot

Likeness: Even in a bubble Muraco’s head seems a little big. The likeness is great and has a neutral enough expression that works for either face or heel. Typically Mattel tends to be overly generous with some wrestlers’ physiques.

wwf survivor series 1987 - don muraco, paul orndorff, hulk hogan and bam bam bigelow

With Muraco this bulkier Brock Lesnar torso is a decent choice. The only catch is Mattel has skewed slimmer with the part choice for most 80s guys. This torso is thicker and bulkier than the one Mattel used for Hulk Hogan, who would be a better torso comp for Muraco.

Muraco’s legs are thicker than the average 80s guy too. This all combines to make Muraco look somewhat out of place next to his fellow 80s wrestlers.

wwe elite don muraco figure review - scale with ted dibiase and greg valentine

Scale: Muraco was 6’3” the same height as Ted DiBiase, putting him taller than the 6’ Greg Valentine and looking up at the 6’7” Hulk Hogan. Chalk most of the issues with his height to the head. If it were scaled down a bit, he would more properly scaled.

wwe elite don muraco figure review - facing ted dibiase and greg valentine

I’ve said it before, but Mattel needs to scale up their next 80s era Hulk Hogan figure to help correct the line’s overall scale.

Paint: Muraco’s paint job is weird. First off, Muraco should look like burnt red like Hogan. He’s not and it’s a glaring omission as it’s a major hit to getting the accuracy right. I wish Mattel paid more attention to skin tones and tans as it’s something they lack consistency on in a big way.

Mattel made a weird choice for Muraco’s trunks with the extra blue on the legs to convey the trunks hanging down lower. It’s not something Mattel typically does on its figures and with this execution that’s probably a good thing.

They probably could have saved that paint to include the lightning bolt on the back of his trunks. Muraco’s boots and socks reflect the usual clean Mattel paint job.


wwe elite don muraco figure review - clothesline to the million dollar man

Articulation:  This beefy body makes executing some moves tough. Muraco was a punch and kick brawler, but would slap on some power moves like a bear hug and an abdominal stretch. Those moves are challenging to pull off even before the stuck right bicep joint on my figure.

A little hot water should fix that issue at least. This figure really made me miss the double jointed elbows of the Ultimate Edition figures and the floating torso of the AEW figures.

wwe elite don muraco figure review - knee smash to greg valentine

Don Muraco has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite don muraco figure review - tombstone to greg valentine

Accessories: Muraco doesn’t come with much besides the tie-dye cloth (!) T-shirt he rocked when he started hanging with Superstar Billy Graham. There’s also a set of swappable gripping hands. It’s not exciting, but the extra option is appreciated.

wwe elite don muraco figure review -accessories in tray

Worth it? It took awhile to get him since Walmart wasn’t interested in actually stocking their exclusive figures. Amazon eventually got him and I got him for $18, which would feel like a sweeter deal if I liked the figure more.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Muraco was a victim of Mattel easing up on its tight scale focus. The bigger head and part choices that don’t line up well with other figures along with the lack of tan make for one of the more disappointing Elites that I’ve reviewed this year.

wwe elite don muraco figure review - celebrating with superstar billy graham

Where to get it?  You can get Muraco with no trouble from Amazon.