Marvel Legends Shiklah figure review – Build A Figure Strong Guy wave

Shiklah is one of those figures I’d never get outside of the BAF format, but Hasbro has a way of making me get random figures I know nothing about. And it turns out this was a figure I don’t mind having in the collection.

She’s a cool enough looking figure, but with no attachment to her she’s more of the accessory to the BAF piece. Let’s see if I’ll have whatever the opposite of buyers remorse (buyers satisfaction?) with her.

Packaging: Shiklah is part of the Deadpool banner so she gets the red and yellow accent colors. The main man David Nakayama provided the package art so that’s a plus.

My extensive knowledge of Shiklah comes from Wikipedia, but her bio actually does a good job of explaining her powers and her association with Deadpool. More of this please ML bio writers.marvel legends shiklah figure review - package bio

Likeness: A quick tour of Google reveals the likeness is pretty solid although Hasbro probably went with the too slender body choice. It just looks too frail for an average size woman even by comic book proportions.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - wide shot

The male figures always look fit and athletic, but for some reason for most Marvel Legends female figures that means super slender. Check out Jade Cargill, a super toned athlete who has that comic book super heroine physique.

She’s not a twig, but doesn’t lose an ounce of femininity from being toned. This was a longer than expected rant on something Hasbro could definitely improve with its female figures.

Most of Shiklah’s costume details are painted on, but the accessories like the necklace, belt and cape connecting bracelets give her enough unique elements.

Her head sculpt is pretty with a nice flow to her hair. I really like the work on her head sculpt as it looks different than the standard female figure with a hint of a mischievous side.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - headband detail

Shiklah’s cape is almost executed properly with the length and flow from the bracelets, but it should have the gold balls as a fringe not painted inside the cape.

That was going to be tricky if not impossible to do correct try at that scale so I get it even if it’s not completely accurate.

I’ve seen several images (including the package art) where she has tiny wings on both sides of her head. It’s enough that Hasbro probably should have included them.


Paint:  The paint is where the figure shines. Shiklah has an ornate skull pattern in her attire that Hasbro was able replicate pretty well.

That level of detail is something that would have been skimped on years ago, but putting the effort to applying that actually earns the figure a lot of points with me.

The rest of the figure is nicely done as well with clean line work and even the gold triangle on the outside of her panties (or would trunks be more PC?).

Again the work on the head is impressive with the mix of purple eye shadow and gold and black eyes.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - outfit details

Scale: Shiklah is shorter than Deadpool and in lieu of a Dracula figure, he’s the only figure that really matters in this case.

Articulation: Shiklah has the usual ML female articulation scheme making another case for her to be on the Warbird/Captain Marvel/Rogue mold.

marvel legends shiklah figure review -hands up

marvel legends shiklah figure review - back to back with deadpool

You can whip up a number of dramatic poses even with the limitations like the lack of bicep joints and the neck due to the hair.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - annoyed with deadpool

Shiklah has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends shiklah figure review - deapool proposing

Accessories:  Shiklah comes with Jeff (Land Shark).

Hasbro has dutifully built out the Deadpool supporting cast and this is another goofy and fun inclusion though it seems like Shiklah has a dragon companion that probably should have been included too.

Additionally, Shiklah includes has the right arm of the Build-A-Figure Strong Guy.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - accessories in the tray

Worth it?  I got Shiklah on sale although paying the standard $20 isn’t a rip off in this case either.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - with jeff the shark

Rating: 9 out of 10

I went from having no interest in Shiklah to appreciating the work Hasbro put in while wishing they went with a better mold. This is a fun figure that Deadpool fanatics probably will love. As is she’s not a bad addition to my collection either.

marvel legends shiklah figure review - shiklah holding jeff the shark

Where to get it?  You can get Shiklah for just under $20 now on Amazon or from Entertainment Earth.